allbright financial

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    Allbright Financial FX

    Hi I'd like to report a scam and ask for your help to hopefully reclaim the money I lost. I was matched on Tinder with a young women who chatted to me for a few weeks then we went over to WhatsApp. After a few days she began telling me about her uncle and how he was an expert trader and had...
  2. K

    Allbright Financial FX

    I have been scammed. I have lost becuace of theme 4000 USD. They didnt allow me to withdraw my money. i have met girl on tinder and she encouraged me to invest money for metatrader 5. right now their website is not working. Please help me
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    Scammed by AllBright Financial LTD

    This broker is definitely a scam! Never let me withdraw my money. I am just a poor victim of a FOREX broker scam who wanted to recover my hard earned money especially in this pandemic situation. I transferred money via bank wire transfer to the bank accounts of the scammer broker in...
  4. Forexbeginner88

    Allbright financial

    Dear all just a warning or maybe someone already has knowledge but I was contacted via WhatsApp and shown screenshots of winning trades firstly it looked dodgy because the very attractive 20 something girl messaging me was trading 30 lots of gold and then someone sent me a link to...