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    Allgotrade just closed shop

    I have been scammed by Allgotrade. I had messaging their support and emailing them. No replies from emails and support keeps saying they are looking into it. Has been going for at least two months of which I have messaged allgotrade every day to sort it out through their support. I made a...
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    I am writing because I have fallen victim to a crime. The company name is ALLGOTRADE. They are a brokerage services company operating in the United Kingdom. They claim they are registered by British Companies house as Allgotrade LTD, registration No. 9041988. This will be the first place you...
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  4. S is a total scam

    Hi my name is Sergio, and I would like to warn everyone out there about This company are manipulative and are complete liars. Do not deal with any of there scum bags! Just a couple of names that I can put out there, but be warned, all of them are scams. Nicole Chase was my...
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    DO NOT put money in with AllGoTrade SCAMMERS!

    I was recommended to AllGoTrade when I signed up with Signals Premium's signal service. So I deposited $300 with AllGoTrade. Their so called VIP broker Danny Right told me he would trade my account for me because he could do it better than the signal service if I would deposit another $500 which...
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    Watch out for allgotrade company they offer good bonuses very attractive full managed account. Got 2 friends which accounts where blown out by account manager placing big trades. They are not on FCA list I been with them since 2015 had good manager made good profit but money never reach my...
  7. M is Scam binary broker

    I opened an account with through link (Manual Binary Signals website ) and I deposited $250. A month ago I asked for withdraw but I haven't gotten any answer.Today they called me and they confirmed that I submitted withdraw a month ago and I said yes. Then they...