is a total scam


Hi my name is Sergio, and I would like to warn everyone out there about This company are manipulative and are complete liars. Do not deal with any of there scum bags! Just a couple of names that I can put out there, but be warned, all of them are scams. Nicole Chase was my broker. She will act really nice and kind and pretend to make you lots of money, but it is all a scam. This is what they do, they will place trades for you, and it will look like your account is growing and making lots of money, but they manipulate their trading platform trading history. I will look like that all the trades they have taken were winning trades. It will not show any losses. This makes them look like they are very good, but I found out that they remove all their losing trades from the trading history. And don't be fooled by the numbers that you see on the account balance because this is all fake.

I have invested a total of 34000 with this company, because I was fooled. Again they made it seem like I was making lots of money, because it grew to 130k. When I tried to withdraw from my account and the amount was only 6500, Nicole stopped communication with me. She would not answer her skype messages and emails.

Two weeks ago Josh Volk, who claims to be the manager, but he is more like the head of the snake, called me and told me that Nicole has been in an accident, and that he was taking over for her in managing my account. I told him that I did not want to work with him and I just want him to help me with my withdrawal request. He pretended to look into what's happening with my withdrawal request, but he did nothing at all to get me my withdrawal, which has already been taken out of my account.

Then on Nov. 24, 2016, Josh Volk sent me a message on skype, telling me that he needed to talk to me right away. Now keep in mine that I have already told this guy that he cannot trade my account, because I did not want to work with him. I even sent him a message on skype, see attached file, that I did not want him touching my account. So I called him back, and when I picked up the call he pretended to be sad. He told me that he traded my whole balance 130K in a 60 seconds trade and lost it. What a scum bag. Who the hell would even trade 130K on a 60 seconds trade, if your intentions is not to purposely lose the money. This is what did to me, and not only me, but whole family members that I had referred to them. The total amount of balance that my family had was about 700K. Josh Volk purposely lost out money. These thieves must be put down.

So everyone take my word, do not open an account with allgotrade,com, they are the worst of all scammers in the business.


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How did you deposit?

If by bank card, contact the fraud department at your bank, explain what is going on, and ask about a chargeback.

If the bank doesn't want to help, you can get professional assistance from WinChargeback. They can also help recover bank wires in some cases.

Make sure to leave a nice, shiny 1 Star review here:
I used both bank debit card and wire transfer. Thank you for the info.


Brigadier General
Check with your bank. If they can help, great. If not, then WinChargeback is likely your best choice.