1. MetaBeep

    New Forex Stuff Remote Monitoring Tool

    MetaBeep is a monitoring tool for discerning algorithmic traders. It alerts you when your Virtual Private Server (VPS), Expert Advisor (EA) or MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is down. It also alerts you of your broker's uptime and downtime, ensuring that your EA is always trading to its full...
  2. L

    Scammed by Telegram account - TRADEX FX Signal and @fxgeorge (George Brandt)

    I was scammed by the telegram account - TRADEX FX Signal ( and @fxgeorge (George Brandt)on 20 Oct 2020. They offer paid VIP signal, account management, Forex trading Course and Investment plans. All chats with them and screen shots have been posted. Should you required any...
  3. K

    Boston FX another scam group on Telegram.

    There is another group on Telegram where they scam you with the subscription plan to get access to the vip group with more signals. And also they scam you with the investment service. They get your money, they wait you to invest more and after they block you. @bostonfx . This is the link of...
  4. W

    Scammer by the name volatility master

    He is a big scammer. His channel name is volatility trading ( @volatilitytradings) telegram. His telegram Id is @forex_knights by the name volatility master. He poses himself as a success trader and account manager. He blown my 3000$ ac in same day. Do not get into his trap. I'm attaching screen...
  5. Giordano_Belforte

    Able Trading/Forex Signal Scam

    Hello. Do not enroll with Able Forex on IG or Telegram. They are scammers and they will take your money and never deliver you the service promised. I am talking about this guy here: I paied to join months ago when they had a different marketing technique. But now they are also claiming...
  6. M

    Admire Traders on Telegram scam

    First post. A heads up on a Telegram signals group called "Admire Trader's" - link They have the above public group, and 2 private subscription signal groups - "Admire Paid (long term)" and "Admire Paid (Short term)". They offer potential customers...
  7. Darshana Kumara

    Risky Daily Forex Signals

    Daily forex Signals group giving siganls to there vip members and they ask to Remove SL when market drive to other Side. It's realy curse to loss the account. Also admin don't get any responsibility on that and ignore the all cases. So be careful and don't belive him.only he need money. Also...
  8. T

    Market makers Scam

    Soloman Octavious is a scam ask them for my money they deleted there telegram.
  9. D

    New Forex Stuff free telegram bot to get notified when your broker is offline
  10. J

    Momentum Money Team

    DO NOT sign up with Momentum Money Team, they are scammers, you sign up on telegram and they make you pay 1000 USD for fraud signals, I personally know one of the individuals running it, and he is no good. Please everyone do not trust them and report if you can.
  11. N

    Todd Forex Cryptobinary Telegram Channel is a scam

    Today I got scammed $150 from the Telegram Channel called Todd Forex Cryptobinary and the handle for the trader is @Todd50144. Becareful this people are scams. They promise you to invest $100 and get $1500 in 4hours. I gave it a try just to prove so I invested a minimal amount of $150 and guess...
  12. K

    Has anyone heard of these Telegram signals?

    I came across XM Daily signals on Telegram and they offer daily signals as well as investment packages. Are they legit? You have to speak to an agent called Norman L. Hamilton.
  13. manteca

    Forex Armyy on Telegram

    Hello everyone. I am new to investments, I have found people who sell signals on telegram. anyone know if "forex army" is a scam? Could someone recommend someone cheap and reliable to generate a little extra income? Thank you!!! FPA Forums Team Note: The FPA is not relate to...
  14. cTrader

    Official cTrader Telegram Group joined by 1000 members

    We are pleased to announce that our Official cTrader Telegram group has reached 1000 members! Thank you to everyone who joined! Created as an extension of the cTrader forum, this official cTrader Telegram group has become the ultimate channel for traders to engage directly with cTrader...
  15. carrolo

    Telegram scam

    Hello everyone Are @L_Carter from BITCOIN TRADING CENTRE and @Barvop from Forextradingaccuracy scammers ?
  16. S

    Telegram Forex Investment Scam

    Just to inform you all that FX Pips Action runs a scam investment pool. Admins Jacob Hemison and Maite Ackermann will take your money then block you from the group and private chat. Be cautious and report if you can.
  17. D

    Has anyheard of Telegram channel Binary Opiton ..Michaelkurt admin

    His telegram channel name is Binary option.. Link - Admin - He show proofs of sending btc to various people as payemnt.. Offer 10x withnin5days .. with btc, skrill etc .. Does anyone has ever invested with him.. He also show of Big Trades of 30k screenshot...
  18. L

    Telegram Scammers

    I was also scammed recently by a lady who goes by the name Victoria Harvey on Telegram and a guy who is calling himself Markson Fred on Telegram. Beware
  19. ber_92

    BINARY PROFIT MASTER - @fxbinarylord - Gab

    I feel so stupid. Got scammed around $2k promising weekly returns on investments binary and FX. NEVER EVER send money to a stranger on telegram. Name: @fxbinarylord admin: Gab I hope i'm just saving other people from falling into his trap. He's Nigerian and will talk nicely until he never...
  20. jmila

    Fx signal Team ( Zeeshan)

    i recently have been scammed with somebody with a friend refer him to me on telegram channels. FX SIGNAL TEAM, own by the person from Pakistan, he has a signal group which i never use but i saw every day he is posting lot of signal in public channel with 2000+ member, until one day he posted the...