1. veri5

    Problem Telegram group - ForexScalpWizard: Scalping Software

    They advertise on Instagram, offering service to do latency arbitrage for % of profit, seems more or less ok at first as it could work in theory. In short, they offer you to open account in one of their preferred brokers, after you deposit and give them account details, they do the trading...
  2. J

    Problem Forex Fortune TG - Paid 4 days ago still no link for TG channel

    So yeah, my partner and I paid 100$ for this guys' premium signals since we followed his free channel and they were good. We paid on Friday 19th Jan. I sent the confirmation of the USDT transfer. He didn't send me the link to the Private Telegram Channel but sent me just a Sell Signal. I thought...
  3. X

    Problem Warning about Telegram Forex Expert @forexadmrobot

    Hey there, I would like to warn forex users from a telegram user called @forexadmrobot he has investor password showing ppl how good is the EA and after you send him the money to have that EA its working only for few days after that he will ask you to register under his IB with bad broker...
  4. R

    Problem - Scam & Fraud Crypto trading signals provider on Telegram - This telegram group is the biggest scammer & fraud crypto signals services on telegram in 2023. Please do not pay any money for their services they will blow your account. The quality of signals is very low. about 2 out 10 signals ever reach their first target and the...
  5. Salvo1957

    Problem Fraud going on Telegram Channels G7FX

    I'm following a Telegram Channel for Trading Signals, whose name is related to G7FX, but I'm not sure it's a true link. Recently on this channel I saw an incredible offer: It looks like a fraud, but because I have seen some videos of G7FX, and I think there is some value in them, I had the...
  6. VortexEA

    Problem VortexEA - I paid and got nothing

    The reason why I chose the name "VortexEA" is to expose "VortexEA" more on the Internet. This scammer is called Ales Nowak, and the Telegram channel is "". The Telegram channel information shows his name, mobile phone number and Whatsapp id, but I did not verify it. In...
  7. Maximus789

    Problem Ryan Gold Killer - SCAM ALERT

    I joined a telegram group called Ryan Gold Killer -group username - They had investment plans which I enquired about via the admin account telegram user @RyanGoldKillero They had different levels of investment, so I went for the lowest available, but soon after they kept on...
  8. P

    Problem - Telegram - Fake Investment Plan Never ever join with those scammers! They will offer you to join their VIP Forex signals on Telegram for 100 USD (On time payment for lifetime) Start offering investment plans for those traders who do not have time to trade and do not want to take risks, I...
  9. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forexearlywarning Is Now On Telegram!

    Traders can set up real time push alerts to any mobile or desktop device using Telegram. The push alerts are for 8 currencies and 28 pairs when there is consistent movement in the market. Works on phone, browser, tablet and any operating system like Android, iOS, mobile web, PC, MAC, macOS, all...
  10. Aru90215

    Resolved - Nayra Capital Review

    Hi Guys I would like to post my bad experience with Nayra Capital which is run by a guy called Aryan. He offers a prop fund management service for a fee and in addition also provides VIP signals for forex trading. He claims he has passed over 85 prop fund challenges and claims his signals has a...
  11. B

    Problem Forex Pips Nation - Telegram Channel

    I hope this post can avoid any other people to be scammed. The telegram channel Forex Pips Nation provides free forex signals and there is also a VIP channel via subscription, occasionally the administrator (Jake Pratt), will post investment / ventures opportunities and has also a dedicated...
  12. I

    Problem Telegram forex signal : Forex signals XAUUSD etc

    This group runs several Telegram channels providing FREE and paid signals. Telltale sign is that they have no website and accept payments only in crypto, so that there is no trace. In these channels they will show you their successful signals/trades from "clients". They offer investment...
  13. Sandeep1978

    Problem RPROcoin denied withdrawals

    I have been scammed by RPROcoin RODK through telegram group.I invested my hard earned money $3500 about a month ago in Sep22.Initially they showed good profit and two times withdraw my small funds.But in the end of month they denied to withdraw funds as I have to pay commission first.But...
  14. F

    Problem championbot

    Please note that ChampionBot on telegram is a scam!!! He's a Nigerian who goes by the name Ejike, he uses an EA with a martigale/grid strategy to blow acoounts. He scam by collecting a VPS fee of $40/N20,000 which he claim he will install the bot to trade your account. Emmediately you fund your...
  15. c0d3r1984

    Problem Noreca FX

    Beware of this forex signal service on telegram because it's a total scam They offer trading signals (almost all losing trades) and to pass FTMO challenge for you for a fee of 500$ They took me my 500$ to pass ftmo failed 3 times then silence admin vanished This is telegram link...
  16. E

    APEX Global Finance ( MYC Forex in TELEGRAM

    i will like to inform you guys that do not fall into the trap of this channel. they are completely a group of scammers trying to scam people into investing with them. this is the email you will receive when you wanted to withdraw your money. Please be aware. Hi, The company is about upgrading...
  17. T

    Blue pips of forex telegram channel and trader Gallardo Mugelles are scammers

    Telegram channel Name blue pips of Forex and trader Gallardo Muggels is a scamme. They have no knowledge of forex or money management they just trade like its a casino and gamble with people’s money. Stay away at all costs @gallardomuggels
  18. kerrifox

    Question about Telegram Signals.

    Hello, Last days I'm receiving a lot of Telegram messages like these: These messages looks like a spam, but I want to know more about this SCAM scheme? I wrote to several of these guys. All of them require my forex account details and nothing more. They promise to make money. Then I have to...
  19. Graememc09

    Flourish-fx-channel on telegram

    Don't trust this telegram signal service. They give good signals but lots of ads for investing with them. Profits that look to good to be true. Join a plan, pay an admin charge and they are gone. Also uses the name Richard Mills.
  20. fran76

    Help in finding if this is a scam. Telegram

    Dear All, thank you for having me here. I just started using telegram as I joined a group talking about cryptocurrency. Nothing fancy there. I just invested very little money in a crypto coin and see how it goes in the next few months. If I lose I won't be broke for sure. Well, today I had a...