1. TP Lee

    SCAM ALERT - USDJPY Master Telegram channel

    This is a true story of a scam perpetuated by this Telegram group, USDJPY MASTER (87.7k) followers. Scam tactic included joining their so-called VIP channel at an exorbitant rate of US$600 for a lifetime. Never transfer your hard-earned money to their admin R C, whose delaying tactics will be...
  2. N

    Anyone tried NasdaqMasters on Telegram?

    I have seen this group on telegram. The channel is I enjoy trading this indice but I want to know if they are legit or not I have seen profitable free signals in this group but I don't know if this is too good to be true.
  3. M

    Has anyone heard of HTL on telegram

    Has anyone heard of HTL on telegram
  4. F


    Please note that ChampionBot on telegram is a scam!!! He's a Nigerian who goes by the name Ejike, he uses an EA with a martigale/grid strategy to blow acoounts. He scam by collecting a VPS fee of $40/N20,000 which he claim he will install the bot to trade your account. Emmediately you fund your...
  5. c0d3r1984

    Noreca FX

    Beware of this forex signal service on telegram because it's a total scam They offer trading signals (almost all losing trades) and to pass FTMO challenge for you for a fee of 500$ They took me my 500$ to pass ftmo failed 3 times then silence admin vanished This is telegram link...
  6. L

    GOLD PIPS KILLER | Telegram SCAM channel | @Faizkhosa

    Text book SCAM channel; your account will exist ONE MORE DAY and this is how they work: The Account Management Services make publicity with the usual High Accuracy, Senior Analyst, 95% Accuracy Rate and 50-50 Profit Share. They operate from Pakistan. They have hidden their telegram
  7. E

    APEX Global Finance ( MYC Forex in TELEGRAM

    i will like to inform you guys that do not fall into the trap of this channel. they are completely a group of scammers trying to scam people into investing with them. this is the email you will receive when you wanted to withdraw your money. Please be aware. Hi, The company is about upgrading...
  8. T

    Blue pips of forex telegram channel and trader Gallardo Mugelles are scammers

    Telegram channel Name blue pips of Forex and trader Gallardo Muggels is a scamme. They have no knowledge of forex or money management they just trade like its a casino and gamble with people’s money. Stay away at all costs @gallardomuggels
  9. kerrifox

    Question about Telegram Signals.

    Hello, Last days I'm receiving a lot of Telegram messages like these: These messages looks like a spam, but I want to know more about this SCAM scheme? I wrote to several of these guys. All of them require my forex account details and nothing more. They promise to make money. Then I have to...
  10. Graememc09

    Flourish-fx-channel on telegram

    Don't trust this telegram signal service. They give good signals but lots of ads for investing with them. Profits that look to good to be true. Join a plan, pay an admin charge and they are gone. Also uses the name Richard Mills.
  11. fran76

    Help in finding if this is a scam. Telegram

    Dear All, thank you for having me here. I just started using telegram as I joined a group talking about cryptocurrency. Nothing fancy there. I just invested very little money in a crypto coin and see how it goes in the next few months. If I lose I won't be broke for sure. Well, today I had a...
  12. W

    I have been scammed by Charlotte Sandler

    She claims to be a professional n sincere trader (forex, bitcoin, etc) but beware she uses Telegram, swiftfxtrader. Com, etc to get investor to think that they can get 20 times and more of their investment, all done in bitcoins n USD. She will keep on asking u to put in more money bit by bit in...
  13. G

    @FXHOTBOYINC on telegram SCAM

    Got scammed by FXHOTBOY some time in 2019. Let him managed my account for about 300USD. Previously paid 150USD for his premium trading signals VIP group. He blowed my account within 3 days. Down by 1200USD then avoided my messages in telegram. You can see the screenshot of conversation. He then...

    Entei Trading Scam

    There is a person who created a Telegram channel in the name of Entei Trading and through it deceives traders looking for a well-functioning indicator and publishes pictures of successive profits on that channel and accuses traders of profits in order to steal their money , We will publish the...
  15. IncognitoFX

    Grando pip | Telegram SCAM ALERT | Theft and fraud

    Today I would like to introduce you to another Telegram scam channel: Grando pip Admin: Periodically, the channel offers VIP membership: or After paying you will simply be ignored -> there is no VIP channel ! DO NOT TRUST see also here...
  16. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Legend fx signals

    Legend fx signals is a SCAMMER!!!! His signals are stolen. DO NOT BUY!!!......See his link below
  17. IncognitoFX


    Be warned of the activities of the Telegram channel "GOLD US30 OIL SIGNALS". In the channel free signals are offered, but also an investment plan. Do not invest, you will never see the money again. Admin: @nasdaqslayer After the amount has been transferred, you will...
  18. TheOlTradingNiteJo47

    Scammer alert! Telegram Scam: The TradingPlanTM Username:@verysmalllots

    Id like to file a recovery complaint against this user. i asked him to guarantee the funds in the account if he lost them with his trading. He decided to delete the message when one of his trades went sour right as there was a speech from an american official, which put my forex account into the...
  19. MetaBeep

    New Forex Stuff Remote Monitoring Tool

    MetaBeep is a monitoring tool for discerning algorithmic traders. It alerts you when your Virtual Private Server (VPS), Expert Advisor (EA) or MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is down. It also alerts you of your broker's uptime and downtime, ensuring that your EA is always trading to its full...
  20. L

    Scammed by Telegram account - TRADEX FX Signal and @fxgeorge (George Brandt)

    I was scammed by the telegram account - TRADEX FX Signal ( and @fxgeorge (George Brandt)on 20 Oct 2020. They offer paid VIP signal, account management, Forex trading Course and Investment plans. All chats with them and screen shots have been posted. Should you required any...