Been scammed by a Binary Options Company??? We can help you get your Money Back.

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Danny Representative (out of business)
What if you could recover the money you lost with

Binary Options, Forex or Online Casino?
A Bit About Me
My name is Rebecca Goodwin and many people in the financial industry hate me.

Why ?
Because, after 7 years in Forex and Binary firms in all kinds of positions such as sales, compliance, fraud and payment method processing, I have concluded that they were just abusing clients and I have started fighting them.
I know all their tricks and processes and the ways that they run all of their operations.
I will get your money back, it is not a dream, it is just a fact !!

Money Back ?

They tricked you, don't feel guilty or sorry for them, you didn't do anything wrong. They have abused you, so lets get them to pay now!


Risk Free ?

We have various plans on offer to you from NO WIN- NO FEE, which has no upfront fees (other than a $59 compliance fee), all the way to full legal representation.

There is no easier and Stress Free way to recover your hard earn Money from these "so called" Brokers!!

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July 20, 2016 Update: Response continues to overwhelm the resources of WinChargeback. At a temporary measure, the minimum amount to dispute is being raised to $5000. As new staff complete training, the minimum should drop.

August 1, 2016 Update: The minimum dispute amount has been reduced to $2000.

September 1, 2016 Update: Another large wave of clients has come in. WinChargeback has had to raise the minimum back to $5000.

February 10, 2017 Update: Partly due to the large number of Banc de Binary clients, the minimum has been temporarily raised to $10,000.

April 24, 2017: Winchargeback has raised the minimum disputed amount to 20,000 (EUR/GBP/USD).

April 2018: Winchargeback has reduced the minimum disputed amount to 15,000 (EUR/GBP/USD).

August 2018: Winchargeback has reduced the minimum disputed amount to 10,000 (EUR/GBP/USD).

Rebecca's WinChargeback service has been checked out and succeeded in getting money back for several FPA members. Her offering is one of the best deals I've seen in chargebacks. She used to work for on of the brokers, so knows what does and does not work against them.

If you can get a chargeback done by yourself, do it. If you can't, then Rebecca's service is one to consider. There are others in the industry, and some may also be able to handle the situation. Personally, if I couldn't get a chargeback against a forex or binary broker processed through my bank, calling Rebecca would be the next thing I'd do.
So they are not lawyers? Sounds alot like "Phoenix advisers" who only assist with charge-backs from the bank - something most people can do themselves without incurring a 25% loss for fees.

People need to understand that if they are serious about getting their money back then they need to seek legal advice, as it is a legal matter. NOT legal advice from people with no legal education or background.

If you are serious about getting your money back you need a detailed knowledge of the laws that Govern the regulators of these companies such as Cysec. If you do not have this knowledge, then you are essentially "stabbing in the dark".
Check the company name. It's WinChargeback. They specialize in chargebacks, and have helped FPA members who couldn't get one by themselves.
Hi Guys, my name is Danny and i work with Rebecca here at winchargeback. I come from a very similar background to Rebecca and the knowledge and inside information on what we know is invaluable in the recovery of funds from these companies. I want to emphasis that, like what Aussie investor mentioned above we are not Lawyers and we do not claim to be Lawyers. Based on our know-how of how these companies work we use many different tactics in assisting clients recoup their funds, among those, Chargeback, but this may or may not be our first option. Once a client approaches us for assistance we have a detailed consultation with the client and we ascertain whether or not we can in fact help this client. Every case is different and it can be a minefield out there, we simply know what to say and what action to take at the correct time to get a favorable outcome. Please also note that CYSEC or any regulator will never order one of these companies to pay a client their money. They are simply there to oversea that the company is not infringing any of the regulations that it is bound by in its licence.
So if anyone would like a consultation please feel free to contact Rebecca or I and we will be happy to listen to your issue..
I just read that they can't help with cases under $4500. I guess that means I can't get my money back. Lucky, or unlucky that I only wanted $250USDA.
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