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    My company representative question isn't covered anywhere in the FAQ.

    Company Representative questions not answered in the FAQ. First, be very certain the question you are asking isn't already answered in the FAQ. If you ask something that's already clearly answered, the most you will get is a link to where the question is answered. If you are CERTAIN that your...
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    Why doesn’t the FPA check to make sure each reviewer really is a client of the company reviewed?

    Why doesn’t the Forex Peace Army check to make sure each reviewer or person posting in the forums is really is a client of the company reviewed? It sounds like a great idea. Imagine how much more honest the forums and reviews would be if everyone who said "I'm a client of this company" had to...
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    Company Representative Questions

    Questions about representing your company at the Forex Peace Army What can the FPA do for my company? How do I advertise at the FPA? How do I contact the ad department? Does the FPA accept partnership offers? How can I become a company representative in the FPA's forums and reviews? I'm...