How can I become a company representative in the forums and reviews?

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How can I become a company representative in the forums and reviews?

Currently, the forums and reviews require separate registrations.

Forums Representative

To become a rep in the forums, first make an account like any other member. If possible, please use an email address at your company's domain.

CLICK HERE for instructions on making an FPA Forums Account.

If at all possible, use an email address at your company's domain name which matches the one on your company's FPA review page.. This will let you sign up as a company representative in the reviews without an issue.

Once you are a company rep in the forums, you'll be able to post as a representative in the thread linked to your company's review page, any complaints about your company in the Scam Alerts or Open Cases folder, and many of the folders inside the Commerce Zone section of the FPA Forums.

Reviews Representative

Login into your FPA Forums account.

Visit your company's review page at the FPA and scroll down. Click where it says "Site Representative Signup & Info".

If your forums account email address domain matches the review page domain, you should be able to connect immediately.

Once signed up, you'll be able to submit comments attached to individual reviews, and also submit coupons and special offers accessible by visitors to the review page. Broker representatives (other than BO brokers) can submit updates to their Broker Details.

For full details and step-by-step instructions in all things related to being a reviews rep, complete with screenshots of every step, CLICK HERE. NOTE: These are not quite as useful due to the update of the FPAs reviews system.

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