Is is worth having a VPS

If you work with EAs, definitely and without any doubt. It is a must. If not then it's waste of money tbh. The whole point of VPS is running a system 24/7. If you don't have an EA to run your commands when your off then what's the point? IDK
From where can you get an EA?

Many places sell them. Some are available for free. Or, you can either learn to code or else hire a coder to write one for you.

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Hi, was wondering is a VPS worth all that you have to go through to get it?

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Definitely, especially for running trading bots or strategies that need to be active 24/7. Plus, some brokers offer free VPS services if you maintain a certain account balance.
Exactly! It's like having a souped-up engine for your trades, ensuring you're always ahead of the game with lightning-fast execution and top-notch reliability. It's all about leveling up your trading game for those flawless results!