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Problem My broker settled my complain by refund my deposits only, he is guilty?

I am having an issue with a company


I had problem with a new broker, I deposit $1000 and made it $174000 in 3 days, was lucky with Gold bullish move and duplicated my positions with extra profits
I found in last trade they duplicated my spread over 5 times and when talked to the account manager he said on a written chat that the company CEO asked them to do this because he is scared of my trading style and big profits.

The last trade they take $15000 only as spread and this was too much, with market move against me my account went to zero and lost it all

I created a complaint with the regulator and it take 2 years no decision, so I contacted the CEO and asked him to settle this by refund my depsoits and part of my profits, he only accept to pay me my depsoits in return for withdrawing my complaint and removing my posts about the company

This means he was really guilty and I can sue him? or I did wrong by making this settlement with him?