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    this broker is a scam Them use a special fraud i have 3 Buy positions at the eurusd 2010.09.24 11:53:40 '110578': order #100942177, buy 0.50 EURUSD at 1.28701 2010.10.20 07:10:15 '110578': order #101312775, buy 0.20 EURUSD at 1.37840 2010.10.20 07:20:22 '110578': order #101312835, buy 0.30...
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    I can get my IB withdrwal Fund. help me out

    I need help. I am a registered IB 81756 with and our business has been going fully without any problems since 2010 January. I must say that the requirement upon signing up for IB partner with alpari then was that I need to have three active clients who must have traded for one...