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    Bforex fraud people

    Following people claiming to be associated with Bforex are 100% fraud. 1) Dhaval Churi 2) Leena Narsule Email of Dhaval Churi doesn't exist that is dhaval.c@bforex.com I made deposit which Bforex is not refunding. I requested for refund of deposit only. It seems that Bforex is frauders chain...
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    BFOREX LIMITED: Scam Alert Alert!

    Traders beware!!! BFOREX LIMITED is a big SCAM! I deposited money with them and made profits for 5 months. But when I tried to make my first withdrawal, they froze my 15K account and cancelled my trades. They refused to discuss the matter or give any explanations, and simply stated that “you...
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    Bforex Scamm

    Bforex is Big Scamm eating money of their trader.
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    Hi, My name is Shaheen, trading with BForex for the last 6 months, deposited around $32000 and lost all the money. So can u pls help me to recover the money
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    Money not refunded by bForex trading company

    I had opened an trading account with bforex on August 25th 2016 with $200.00 and was assured that bforex representative will contact me regarding training on foreign exchange for about 1 and a half month, but till 14.09.2016 no one approached to me from bforex. So I decided to withdraw my money...
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