banc de options

  1. R

    Bancdeoptions, No Withdrawal, Just Excuses

    This is a Alert for - Registered at I have invested $22,000.00 with this company and asked for a withdrawal about 4 months ago. Get promises that it will happen and then only get E-Mails saying they are having problems. The funds were sent to a reputable bank in...
  2. vickisb

    Can't get withdrawal from Banc De Options

    I would like to share with you my recent experience with a binary options account managed by BancdeOptions/Fast-Signals in Australia. Before investing, I searched online for reviews, but found nothing really positive or negative, so I asked for references. My contact, Sarah Jones, who later...
  3. F

    Banc de Binary

    I opened an account with Banc de Binary( BdB ) in April 2013 . I will not go into how i was roped into opening the account - this , in itself , is a story which can be echoed over and over again by people like me who have no knowledge or experience and we sign up believing these major...
  4. D


    I had invested money in BancedeOptions trading program. After the banks in Greece had their collapse, they stopped honoring withdrawal requests. I have two withdrawal requests in right now and paid a $6,000 commission that I sent for a $60,000 withdrawal request on August 20th. I have tried to...
  5. C

    Binary Option Broker :BancdeOptions

    This is to advise my fellow traders about It is a scam broker and it is being used by I open a signal account with this service and they give a free service for 3 days by setting an account for me with bancdeoptions to demonstrate how the service...