Binary Option Broker :BancdeOptions

This is to advise my fellow traders about It is a scam broker and it is being used by
I open a signal account with this service and they give a free service for 3 days by setting an account for me with bancdeoptions to demonstrate how the service works. After three days, they showed the resuls were 70% success win. I open a managed account with them and they have been trading the account for me and they require a 20% commission, I deposited $10K in two separate deposits via wire transfer. After trading the account for nine months and they show on paper that the account had $80k and I try to withdraw $10K from the account and I could never get the withdrawal request to be honored. In several occasions after many requests, Bancdeoptions support staff keep sending me the auto response acknowledging the requests and I did many follow ups, they always have issues with their banking system. Every response I used to get, it is always that they are working on the issue. It has a year and I have sent many withdrawal requests and none has been acted on. When I open the account, I did not accept any bonus because I did not want to have any restrictions from getting my funds when I need to. Be aware, both 24/7 All day binary options signals and Bancdeoptions colloborate together to play a big binary scams by taking people deposits pretending that they are legitimate services. Stay away from them
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Get screenshots of everything. Then invite them to come and join this discussion thread.


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Have they given you contact details how you can get hold of them? And like Pharaoh says, invite them to this thread. It can then be dealt with via a Live Chat.
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