1. A


    I was trading on XTIUSD I made some profitable trades then I was surprised today all these trades were converted to $0
  2. L


    hi dear my name is lakshantha i have a very bad problem. today i m try to withdrawal small amount money . but this fbs broker is all times rejecting my withdrawal request. this broker is don't aspect withdrawal money to same way . i m using usdt payment method but he don't aspect withdrawal...
  3. kolo2020

    FBS withdrawal issues

    I traded with FBS ... I made profit of $230 , I tried to withdraw, it was declined , saying I need to use local. . I explained my FBS personal area was opened 3 yrs back ... And I uses perfect money. ... Before I knew, they said it was terms and conditions, .. and that part was not there at...
  4. V

    Scam Broke FBS

    Hello friend I have to said to you that I have acc with FBS and I have order for long time with no swap one day they did hight spead to cut mt order attention with this Broke friends becouse this Broke not hight spead only night but day time too to cut your orders and they never mistake only...
  5. R

    I was defrauded by FBS.

    Hello.. I was defrauded by FBS.. I set the leverage 1:3000 since the account creation date.. but I was surprised when I entered the account page that the leverage became 1:500 and they deny that it has changed and this has caused me a loss Large because the margin could not tolerate a temporary...
  6. X

    FBS tick chart scam - unusual gap & spread

    Issue of unusual gaps & big spread have caused my account to be stopped-out and broker does not want to take responsibility. Account number: 310150107 Date of Issue: 21 June 2021 (Monday) Time of Issue: est. 0500hrs – 0530hrs (GMT+8) Before the market open on 21 June 2021, my account status is...
  7. B

    FBS closed my position with a Fake TP

    I had a Sell position on Tesla (around 500 shares) and I opened the trade on the night prior to earnings release without setting any TP or SL. The next day I was expecting around 15000 USD in profit but surprisingly I saw that my position is closed at minus and I looked at the the details of...
  8. F


    I have been hearing that fraud do exist in fbs and they manipulate trades to make their clients lose trades and I never believed, but just now, I have just witnessed it. My xagusd buy position opened since 28/07/2020 just got forcibly closed by fbs now when fbs dragged its price down to $18.667...
  9. javed karim

    FBS Scam

    This is case of 08/05/2020 friday at market closing. I had four open positions, i was critically observing market prices that were going in my favor. Suddenly all my open orders closed and i though they reached my TP level but when i checked account history there was reflecting Negative balance...
  10. T


    Hello, first of all I am new to forex and trying to understand risks. I heard that FBS and Tickmill offers negative balance protection, I asked them and they told me that I will never lose more than my initial deposit, anyway I am not fully satisfied with their answers so I am asking here.. I...
  11. C

    My problem with FBS copytrade

    Well, personally i have good review/ experience trading with FBS until I decided to try their copy trade app. It’s a total disaster. I deposited 300 and follow 3 different trader initially, 2 is still trading “normally” until the first guy I followed “decided” to go haywire. Haywire in terms...
  12. T

    FBS SCAM high latency

    I'm using London VPS for FBS MT5 trading account and broker connection speed is 1.87ms. Also, they used the dealing desk system & try to delay order open time + order close time. Please refer to the attachments.
  13. L

    Resolved: FBS managed account scam

    Hie all After exhausting FBS internal channels with fake promises for action and further promises that they had taken action only to appear rejecting their earlier communicated information to me i have had to conclude they are not to be trusted and have gone all the way to protect their...
  14. G

    FBS Deleted all my profits

    30/04/2018 I made over $39000 profit but FBS deleted all my profits, my all trades are manual, but broker deleted all my profits, that time I did not have enough knowledge about Forexpeacearmy, so I not filed the case to recover my profits, still I now me and my family too much worrying about...
  15. luckyanand12

    Resolved: FBS Scammed my client

    They cancel bonus at 65% equity to blow account but they say in TnC that bonus will be cancelled if equity/balance falls below 30% of bonus amount. This is how they blow accounts. Read email conversation below to understand the case : You are trying to cheat. Yes 7. of TnC says "Bonus funds...
  16. E

    FBS Scam

    Hi I just want to ask for help.. I am new in forex trading, I used FXCM demo to practice and it went good the profits rising very well. So I think it is just too good because it is a demo and they are encouraging me to invest. So I open an FBS live account since they will allow me to trade in...
  17. C

    FBS scam alert warning. Owes millions to client.

    fbs.com(Finance Brokerage Services) closed my account on March 15th 2019 and is refusing to pay over a million dollars worth of funds in the account. FBS was formerly known as Poltek FX - a company labelled as a scammer who fleeced it's customers until it was eventually shut down. I...
  18. K

    Resolved: FBS manipulate ibs comission by detach ib clients link

    hello, i have a problem with FBS forex broker which they detach my client from my ib link without noticing me. i realise the thing happens to me at the 2nd time. and this time i manage to close monitoring my comission statement and the client. The client is a close friend. FBS caught to...
  19. C

    FBS copytrade is a scam

    FBS copytrade app is a scam, the copying is not proportional, if you follow a trader with a big account and he loses 10% of his capital for you it could mean 100% of your account.