1. luckyanand12

    Resolved: FBS Scammed my client

    They cancel bonus at 65% equity to blow account but they say in TnC that bonus will be cancelled if equity/balance falls below 30% of bonus amount. This is how they blow accounts. Read email conversation below to understand the case : You are trying to cheat. Yes 7. of TnC says "Bonus funds...
  2. E

    FBS Scam

    Hi I just want to ask for help.. I am new in forex trading, I used FXCM demo to practice and it went good the profits rising very well. So I think it is just too good because it is a demo and they are encouraging me to invest. So I open an FBS live account since they will allow me to trade in...
  3. C

    Problem FBS alert warning. Owes millions to client.

    fbs.com(Finance Brokerage Services) closed my account on March 15th 2019 and is refusing to pay over a million dollars worth of funds in the account. FBS was formerly known as Poltek FX - a company labelled as a scammer who fleeced it's customers until it was eventually shut down. I...
  4. K

    Resolved: FBS manipulate ibs comission by detach ib clients link

    hello, i have a problem with FBS forex broker which they detach my client from my ib link without noticing me. i realise the thing happens to me at the 2nd time. and this time i manage to close monitoring my comission statement and the client. The client is a close friend. FBS caught to...
  5. C

    FBS copytrade is a scam

    FBS copytrade app is a scam, the copying is not proportional, if you follow a trader with a big account and he loses 10% of his capital for you it could mean 100% of your account.
  6. A


    I am Abraham Sunday Abia I open an account with FBS.COM with account no 270655006 They ask me to sent my selfie before they verify my account which I ddeed and my account was verify, After trading and complete all the conditions. I request for a withdrawal which I make 369.27$ in total which...
  7. H

    FBS is Totally Scame

    In first FBS say Trade with no deposit and make profits.if you make profits you can easeley withdraw them but when i make profit on my bonus account they cut my all profit and say make deposit then trade 3.1
  8. S

    Fbs 50$ bonus is a scam ( FBS Bonus Exposed)

    Fbs 50$ bonus is a scam i trade 2.75 lots and made 90.25$ profit in 5 days when i tried to withdraw the money they declined the payment and claimed i did fraud my ip was used for another account. but as i see it i use a shared wifi so at no point i can know that my ip was previously used in...
  9. Andraza

    If u wanna lose money, choose FBS brooker.

    Scam/ Money Maker. I openned a trading today and 22 pips was charged instead 9 that was showing. Never use this company except if you wanna lose your money.
  10. VictorKobe8

    Estafa con el broker FBS

    Me a estafado con 400 dolares ya cuando queria sacar ganancias . me la nego y hasta me bloquearon para no reprocharle que puedo hacer . Necesito ayuda
  11. davidnguyen

    FBS is scam

    Hello! I made a money on FBS. When I'm profitable but they do not want to send money to me. It's funny when they say they do not have enough money. I made withdrawal 36$, but till today I have not any funds on my bank account. - Proof: https://ibb.co/gFenp7
  12. M

    FBS is not a nondealingdesk broker be very carefull

    I have an acoount at FBS , they closed automatically my order from AUD NZD at midnight ( so no news for high volatility) with 450 pips spread!!!!!! Be wry carefull with this broker
  13. S

    FBS scammed me

    I have an account in FBS .I opened up a position in FBS on the usdtry pair with lots 0.10 and I had only 100$ in my account . The position got opened up in a second and it got closed in one sec.when I saw the history it shows that I lost 163$ in my account but I had only 100$ in my trading...
  14. C

    Problem FBS Issues for Successful trader.

    FBS is undertaking actions to undermine and eventually confiscate successful clients profits just like they did when they were known as Poltek FX. Initially i was a client that regularly blew his account balance at FBS. I studied. Got better. created a good business plan, implemented it and was...
  15. R

    RESOLVED - FBS Contests.. New Type of Scam ?

    Hello Dears. My Name is: Rami Sakr Details : 1- as FBS Client .. I found a contest Named Ramadan Contest on their website which declares 300% Deposit bonus .. sound interesting to me . before participation I Read the Contest conditions thoroughly which stated that by earning 150% of the bonus...
  16. N

    FBS is utter scammer

    FBS is utter scammer and fraud they are misusing the labor of the people. recently they introduced 123 giving by them if you earn from that they will take theirs and then the people work on it can continue with the profit earned. after earn they rob it and freeze it. it happens to my Husband...
  17. Bitcoinearners

    FBS becoming another scam.I need help to return my $10

    Fbs did not give my profit despite selling my pairs at high prices. Alleged that i lose coz i have negative $8.54,which has high selling price. They further alleged that they were given right to take the money if the trader has no sufficient margin. Please help me.i have my daily statement to...
  18. samer1112

    FBS Closed my Position while the Market Closed

    Dear Traders, FPA experts, Greetings, WARNING: This broker changed the leverage from 1:2000 to 1:50 without a notice, and then closed the position while the market closed. Even though my case is 2 years old, but I didn't know about this forum until couple of days ago so I decided to write...
  19. FXBO

    My issue with FBS

    Dear Members Of The FPA, I wish to file a case against FBS, but before I do, I wish for members to see and read something first. So in all fairness, please read what I am about to post and I am not undermining any members here, but please read very carefully, all the words and what you would...