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RESOLVED - FBS Contests.. New Type of Scam ?

Discussion in 'Resolved Issues' started by RamiSakr, May 24, 2018.

  1. RamiSakr

    RamiSakr Recruit

    May 16, 2018
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    Hello Dears.

    My Name is: Rami Sakr

    Details : 1- as FBS Client .. I found a contest Named Ramadan Contest on their website which declares 300% Deposit bonus .. sound interesting to me . before participation I Read the Contest conditions thoroughly which stated that by earning 150% of the bonus amount during the contest period ONLY I can withdraw all my Deposit + Bonus + any profits made..

    Opened an account as I found it very good contest. Shortly after I opened the account in the contest page I found the below cells :


    The traded lots cell made me suspicious about the Contest terms as no condition refered to ythe traded lots at that time. As a happy customer went to their live chat to make sure what's happening and why this cell is included there.. Their Chat support Confirmed that the only condition is to profit 150% of the bonus amount during the contest period. asked him one more time. So in case I didn't trade the mentioned lot in the cells but made the profit I can Withdraw Deposit + Bonus + All profits made .. and this cell is useless .. he confirmed as per the below transcript ( I was lucky to send the transcript of the chat to my email)

    Chat started on 13 May 2018, 09:11 PM (GMT+0)
    (09:11:53) *** Rami Sakr joined the chat ***
    (09:11:54) Rami Sakr: Can't understand why Traded Lots is part of Ramadan contest statistics for bonus withdrawal in my personal area although it isn't mentioned in contest terms and conditions
    (09:12:09) *** Ramzy joined the chat ***
    (09:12:20) Ramzy: مرحبا
    (09:12:23) Ramzy: كيف يمكنني مساعدتك
    (09:12:33) Rami Sakr: مرحبا رمزي
    (09:12:43) Ramzy: اهلا بك
    (09:13:11) Rami Sakr: بعد ان قمت بايداع جزء من المبلغ المراد ايداعه في حساب مسابقة رمضان و هو 202 دولار اليوم تم تحديث منطقتي الشخصية بالاحصائية التالية
    (09:13:33) Rami Sakr: Visitor uploaded: contestt.PNG URL: https://v2uploads.zopim.io/2/p/A/2p.../6ad5e449f3c05e018341a9edf809d3f2bd6223da.png Type: image/png Size: 23398
    (09:14:12) Rami Sakr: تحت القسم الخاص ب The conditions for business withdrawal هنالك Traded lots 0.00 of 60.60
    (09:14:55) Rami Sakr: على الرغم من انه لم يتم ذكر ان هنالكشرط لسحب البونص متعلق بكمية اللوتات التي تم تداولها .. كل ما تم ذكره هو انه علي تحقيق 150% من قيمة البونص خلال فترة المسابقة
    (09:17:42) Ramzy: لحظة صديقي
    (09:19:06) Rami Sakr: بالتاكيد.. خذ وقتك
    (09:26:58) Ramzy: ممكن سكرين شوت للصفحة بالكامل من فضلك
    (09:27:13) Ramzy: ورقم الحساب
    (09:28:36) Rami Sakr: 5126750
    (09:30:09) Rami Sakr: Visitor uploaded: contest-stats.PNG URL: https://v2uploads.zopim.io/2/p/A/2p.../3e3dfab99b513dc2d44ed89c85fd8db56290a8de.png Type: image/png Size: 279112
    (09:34:30) Ramzy: نعم صديقي اللوتات لا تحسب فقط لكي يتم سحب ارباح البونص لابد من تحقيق 150% ربح من قيمة البونص
    (09:35:24) Rami Sakr: اذن فهذه الخانة هي مجرد خانه افتراضية و حتى اذا لم اقم بتحقيق ذلك العدد من اللوتات و استطعت تحقيق نسبة ال 150% يمكنني سحب الايداع و البونص و الارباح
    (09:35:50) Ramzy: صحيح
    (09:35:53) Rami Sakr: شكرا جزيلا لك على التوضيح :)
    (09:36:06) Rami Sakr: اتمنى لك يوما سعيدا
    (09:36:08) Ramzy: اهلا بك صديقي وشكرا لانتظارك
    (09:36:09) *** Rami Sakr has rated the chat Good ***
    (09:36:38) Rami Sakr: شكرا لتعاونك :)
    (09:36:41) *** Rami Sakr left the chat ***

    NAME Rami Sakr
    EMAIL aerodrafterx@gmail.com
    LOCATION Tanta, Egypt
    URL https://my.fbs.com/
    SERVED BY Ramzy
    RATING Good

    Few Days Later .. I discovered that Lots traded conditions have been added. So I contacted their Live Chat. Faced Bad attitude there .. Sentences like 'What do you want to hear from me ' . The rules from Headquarters .. And this is the company Right .. it is a minor change that company does sometimes .. ( The minor change is for each 100 USD Deposited into Trading Account You should trade 30 Standard Lots within max leverage 200:1 during almost 1 month of trading'

    2nd Chat Transcript below

    Chat started on 23 May 2018, 06:41 PM (GMT+0)
    (06:41:42) *** Rami Sakr joined the chat ***
    (06:41:42) Rami Sakr: Regarding the change of Ramadan Contest Terms. Very Bad Experience
    (06:45:15) *** Cassie joined the chat ***
    (06:45:18) Cassie: Hello! Thank you for contacting FBS support! How may I help you?
    (06:45:33) Rami Sakr: Good Evening Sir. Hope you're doing well
    (06:45:52) Rami Sakr: I had a terrible experience with FBS Ramadan Contest
    (06:47:40) Rami Sakr: at 13/05/2018 as a happy customer I found Ramdan contest announced at your website . Read terms and conditions thoroughly which stated that I have to make 150% of the bonus amount received within contest period to be able to withdraw Bonus + Deposits + All profit made
    (06:47:57) Cassie: Yes
    (06:48:25) Rami Sakr: I found it too good to be true . Opened Ramadan account and found a cell for Lots Traded although it wasn't mentioned at that time .. I came here to FBS Live chat to make sure
    (06:48:50) Rami Sakr: asked the Customer Care representative . Does it have anything to do with lots . In a clear statement he said No
    (06:49:26) Rami Sakr: Rephrased the sentence clearly to avoid any doubts. In case I made the 150% without making the lots I can withdraw the bonus and profits also . He said yes
    (06:49:47) Rami Sakr: so it's useless cell as I can't found in terms .. He Confirmed
    (06:49:58) Cassie: But in conditions there is paragraph about lots
    (06:50:07) Rami Sakr: No it wasn't there in the begining
    (06:50:18) Rami Sakr: Also I have the transcript of the chat emailed
    (06:50:44) Cassie: Please, see this screenshot http://prntscr.com/jlqkgw
    (06:50:49) Rami Sakr: which includes multiple confirmations that 1- Lot conditions wasn't there 2- the Agent confirming my statement
    (06:50:55) Rami Sakr: I read it multiple times :)
    (06:51:03) Rami Sakr: now it's there but it wasn't at time of the chat
    (06:51:04) Cassie: And, please, do not forget that
    (06:51:07) Cassie: FBS reserves the right to change or cancel any of the Promotion terms and conditions fully or partly or put their action to an end anytime in accordance with the company’s unilateral provisions.
    (06:51:37) Rami Sakr: So I should subscribe to the contest and ask the official support from the company regarding 1 condition
    (06:51:44) Rami Sakr: then a whole of a sudden it changes ?
    (06:52:05) Rami Sakr: What about business trust in such field ?
    (06:53:12) Rami Sakr: So, to make things short. What is the way forward ?
    (06:53:45) Cassie: You can continue to trade with your account, making sure that you traded necessary amount of lots by the end of contest
    (06:53:51) Rami Sakr: No
    (06:53:56) Rami Sakr: this is totally fraud !
    (06:54:08) Cassie: What exactly is fraud about it, sir?
    (06:54:10) Rami Sakr: what about the confirmation got it here multiple time
    (06:54:22) Rami Sakr: So you consider it normal ?
    (06:54:45) Cassie: We notified all our clients that conditions could be changed in bonus/contest conditions
    (06:55:00) Cassie: And i sent you the paragraph on that condition
    (06:55:32) Rami Sakr: if you scroll up please
    (06:55:45) Rami Sakr: you'll find that I said that at time of the chat condition wasn't there
    (06:55:57) Rami Sakr: and the agent confirmed multiple time on my question
    (06:56:04) Cassie: I mean this condition: FBS reserves the right to change or cancel any of the Promotion terms and conditions fully or partly or put their action to an end anytime in accordance with the company’s unilateral provisions.
    (06:56:24) Cassie: This conditions is always in the list of conditions to ANY of our bonus or contest
    (06:57:10) Rami Sakr: That means that any trader shouldn't take the promotion / contest conditions seriously .. even he got clarification from your side through chat also, Right ?
    (06:58:07) Rami Sakr: or at the final day of a contest you can change the contest condition to make a winner .. a loser
    (06:58:22) Rami Sakr: this align with FBS Values ?
    (06:58:46) Rami Sakr: it is not about business conditions stuck at end of a web page .. about terrible customer experience
    (06:58:57) Cassie: Sir, what do you want to hear from me? Conditions are written by our headquarters
    (06:59:20) Rami Sakr: What do you want from me ? BTW you represent the company. This isn't personal at all :)
    (06:59:34) Cassie: Maybe you checked conditions in the beginning on the contest
    (06:59:55) Cassie: It happens that we change conditions just a little bit as contest goes
    (07:00:08) Rami Sakr: So A daily check for the conditions must be done in case I subscribed to one of your contests ...
    (07:00:10) Cassie: But we do not make big changes at all
    (07:00:19) Rami Sakr: Lots condition is critical
    (07:00:29) Rami Sakr: affects trading style .. results .. pressure onn the traders etc
    (07:00:34) Cassie: But it was from the beginning
    (07:00:42) Rami Sakr: No not from the beginning
    (07:00:53) Rami Sakr: I can send the transcript to you
    (07:00:59) Rami Sakr: with all details I mentioned here
    (07:01:09) Cassie: As i remember it was from the beginning
    (07:01:24) Rami Sakr: No
    (07:01:33) Rami Sakr: Any official mail to send the transcript ?
    (07:02:50) Cassie: Sure
    (07:02:57) Cassie: support@fbs,com
    (07:03:05) Cassie: support@fbs.com *
    (07:03:36) Rami Sakr: ok .. this is valid for complaints also or the complains Dep. has another mail address ?
    (07:03:57) Cassie: All complains and requests should be sent to this email
    (07:04:19) Cassie: So, please, send yours on this email, our manager will check it and give you response
    (07:05:25) Rami Sakr: Very Good
    (07:06:31) Rami Sakr: Why I can't send the transcript of this chat ?
    (07:06:56) Cassie: What do you mean?
    (07:08:04) Rami Sakr: When I use the E-mail transcript feature in this chat .. It doesn't give me a confirmation like before
    (07:08:33) Cassie: This is weird, i cannot know why it is like that
    (07:08:36) Cassie: It should be fine
    (07:09:17) Rami Sakr: could you send it from your side as I couldn't do that now .. tried now multiple times
    (07:09:39) Rami Sakr: Just now solved and received a confirmation that it will be sent
    (07:09:48) Cassie: I created email from this chat
    (07:10:05) Rami Sakr: Have a Nice Day. This is to remind you that it wasn't personal with you at all
    (07:10:10) Rami Sakr: Thanks for your time
    (07:10:32) Cassie: My pleasure
    (07:10:53) Cassie: And sorry for this inconvenience. Have a nice day!
    (07:11:05) Rami Sakr: You too
    (07:11:09) *** Rami Sakr has rated the chat Bad ***
    (07:11:40) Cassie: But sir
    (07:11:47) Cassie: Please remove bad ate
    (07:11:49) Cassie: rate
    (07:12:01) *** Rami Sakr has commented: Issue wasn't solved Also Bad attitude from the chat agent .. is it proper to hear a sentence like ' What do you want to hear from me ? ' !!!!!!!! ***
    (07:12:04) Cassie: Because it effects my personal statistics
    (07:16:53) Rami Sakr: I will highlight that for the most part it is related to FBS and the way it treats its customers. not you personally
    (07:16:58) *** Rami Sakr left the chat ***

    NAME Rami Sakr
    EMAIL aerodrafterx@gmail.com
    LOCATION , Egypt
    URL https://my.fbs.com/contests/ramadan
    SERVED BY Cassie
    RATING Bad
    COMMENT Issue wasn't solved Also Bad attitude from the chat agent .. is it proper to hear a sentence like ' What do you want to hear from me ? ' !!!!!!!!

    Trouble Ticket was created as I rated the chat as Bad .. The surprise that my Trouble Ticked was updated with the same answer .. It's company Right .. and it was minor change and NOTIFICATION WAS SENT TO ALL Participants although I didn't receive any notification regarding the conditions change by mail and sent them the snapshot.. till now no answer

    Johana (FBS)

    May 24, 12:13 AST

    Dear Rami Sakr,

    Welcome to FBS!

    I have read your message regarding your complain.

    First of all, we would like to remind you that you check all the promotion conditions in the same PROMOTION PAGE.
    When you open the promotion account it is implied that you have read all conditions, and that you accept them in order to continue.

    Now, following the link https://my.fbs.com/contests/ramadan , point 8 (bottom) :"FBS reserves the right to change or cancel any of the Promotion terms and conditions fully or partly or put their action to an end anytime in accordance with the company’s unilateral provisions."

    This means the company is allowed to perform updates regarding the bonus conditions through the contest.
    This changes ARE MINOR.
    We care about our clients so we make sure all conditions are transparent.

    The only change the conditions had (May 15) was that now, only accounts for MT4 can participate, not for mt5.
    There was NO CHANGE regarding the lots you needed to trade.
    This information remained the same http://prntscr.com/jlyo13 .

    Furthermore, when the information is updated we send (and have sent) E-MAILS to all clients which accounts were opened BEFORE the update.
    Meaning all the information is shared, and no, you do not need to check conditions all the time.

    At last, as you can see in the list of conditions, section "The conditions of granting and withdrawing the bonus".

    1. Only the DEPOSITED amount can be withdrawn from the account during the campaign. Thus, if a Participant makes a withdrawal from the Ramadan promotion account, the bonus funds and profit will be deducted.

    2. In order to be eligible to WITHDRAW BONUS funds and profit from the “Ramadan” account in full, a Participant should do the following by the END of the Promotion:
      -gain profit of at least 150% of the bonus amount (150% PNL of the bonus) by trading on the Promotion account,
      -the trading volume (lots traded) on the account has to reach: granted bonus amount / (divide by) 10
      Example: You made a deposit of $300, therefore your bonus amount is $900. 900 / 10 = 90 standard lots
    This information was not changed sir.

    About the support you received by chat, we're very sorry if you felt it was inappropiate.
    I am aware of this situation now and will do all in my hands to solve the issue with the agents involved.

    Regardless of this matter, as explained in my message the instructions and conditions have been executed correctly.

    Thank you for contacting FBS Support Team, if you have any other questions please contact us again here on in our LIVE chat.

    Have a very nice day!


    How Come they confirm that Lots condition Didn't change although it wasn't there and that's confirmed by their chat support there in the above transcript ?

    How is the above condition is a minor change.. it can easily turn almost 90% of the contest participants into a losers if they didn't make a daily check on the contest conditions !

    Also How come They confirm they sent a notification for the condition change (although they said condition didn't change at first) .. and NO mail received in this regard at all although I receive all their mails including the analysis mail and also checked all other Mail folders

    So anyone would like to participate in any contest in FBS:
    1- shouldn't take their chat support seriously
    2-should expect some over promising and bad attitude
    3- Daily check on contest *NEW* Conditions should be made as no notification will be sent via email
    4- Expect critical conditions to be changed at anytime which could turn a winner into a loser
    5- They have the right to do anything as they all refer to that condition and try to finalize the case no matter what even it was their chat support fault then their notification system fault(if any) and their*Minor Changes*

    Even I didn't get a 1 USD .. but this is just to clarify how anyone should deal with a company that treats its customers like that!

    Tried to provide all details as much as possible .. automated transcript mails from the company and snapshots from TTs are available anytime upon request. Sorry for inconvenience
  2. RamiSakr

    RamiSakr Recruit

    May 16, 2018
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    Adding to the above

    Update 2

    They admitted that no e-mail was sent to me due to **Technical issue** ..

    So their Chat support confirmed at the beginning that no lots trading requirement .. (Although they said that no change and at the same time said it's a minor)

    then they changed the conditions and no notification was sent to me !



    At the end .. they redirected me to their live chat ( to get another wrong info again :) ) and marked it as solved !

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  3. FBS Official Rep

    FBS Official Rep FBS Representative

    Jan 18, 2016
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    Hello RamiSakr
    I am FBS Official Representative. I will check this claim thoroughly and get back to you as soon as possible.
    Thank you.
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  4. RamiSakr

    RamiSakr Recruit

    May 16, 2018
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    Waiting for your updates ..
  5. RamiSakr

    RamiSakr Recruit

    May 16, 2018
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    Update 2

    I've been contacted by FBS Customer care department..

    1- Deposit Amount refunded again into the competition - Trading Account

    Thanks ForexPeaceArmy for your support. Also I would like to Thank Ms. Nour for her friendly way in dealing with customers Hope that it will be the standard for all customer service representatives.

    Also for All Forex Brokers although you have the right to change the terms/conditions of any contest at any time as per your policy it would be nice to send a notification to all participants

    Thanks A lot
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  6. FxMaster

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    Oct 17, 2011
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    You are most welcome :)

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