abandoned complaint

  1. Luiscarlos

    Abandoned - FBS- No withdrawal. Deposit retention

    FBS is a world-renowned broker, but it has left something to be desired for some clients, including me. I made a deposit of more than 250 USD and ended up winning more than 400 USD and to date the withdrawal is not authorized. I had to have more than 10 withdrawal requests denied on the grounds...
  2. S

    ABANDONED COMPLAINT - FBS broker Anti Money Laundery Scam

    I opened an FBS account and deposited my account. After good profits they sent me an email that i attached screenshot about anti money laundery and blocked my account asking for AML check even if i deposited such a small amount as around 248 usd. They requested a video selfie with ID...
  3. melvinlee05


    Hello, I have been using OctaFx for more than 3 years and have been actively trading using your broker platform. However, around 6:30 am (+8GMT) on 18/11/20233, I tried to log on to my account on Metatrader to set SL for all my shorting positions for ETHUSD, but I was unable to do that for my...
  4. D

    Problem I can't withdraw my money from EXNESS

    I was Not allowed Withdrawal with Exness. As You can See In Screenshot ,I approached them twice and also on Customer Care but No Response.
  5. Merc5

    ABANDONED COMPLAINT - Withdrawal issue on my FBS account

    Hello I made a withdrawal $9 via debit card from FBS they say that in takes 3-5 days but all of that has past now and still nothing on my bank account contacted them in live chat, email support but all they give me is tracking number, Im worried about my remaining profit can I still grow it I'm...
  6. A

    Abandoned Complaint - FBS set a TP on my order at a wrong price.

    Hello, I'm having an issue with FBS regarding my order that got closed by them by setting a TP. I understand that is stated in their customer agreement, however, they made a mistake of setting the wrong TP, that should have never been executed based the server logs. That resulted in a massive...
  7. Patrice97180

    Abandoned - SCAM: Proton-VPS

    Hi, I have been scammed by Proto-VPS.com I paid for a Mercury Server. It was never delivered. I sent them countless "Tickets" and never got a reply. Don't be the next victim. proof: proton-vps.com/account/submitticket.php?step=4
  8. J

    ABANDONED - Is Forex Peace Army a Scam too?

    It appears that Forex Peace Army is a Scam too. I joined, verified my email addy, and made a post, and low-&-behold nothing shows up. Looks like anything with FOREX in its name is a SCAM!
  9. piprider

    Abandoned - liteforex

    AUGUST 2O22...LITEFOREX is a SCAM! STAY AWAY! .. I could not trade my acct for weeks then when i finally was able to, i tried withdring all my money.. been 3 weeks now still no withdrawals... i sent a message to their chatbot, NO REPLIES.. not even a confirmation of receiving my message...
  10. Jonnydungtd


    Scam alert to all traders around the world about VantageMarket scams the customers!!! I am a trader. On July 19, 2022 I made a transaction on VantageMarkets, bought Netflix stock (Stock code: NFLX) with the price range of $201. On the evening of July 20, 2022 when VantageMarkets opened trading...
  11. F

    Abandoned - VantageFX loots user's accounts with poor excuses

    Hello everyone! I am writing this post in order to warn about VantageFX's activity. The company using the (poor) general excuses like "high risk trading" , " oversized positions overnight", "suspicious trading activity" , loots her users' accounts anytime that they have some profit. This is...
  12. kolo2020

    Abandoned - FBS withdrawal issues

    I traded with FBS ... I made profit of $230 , I tried to withdraw, it was declined , saying I need to use local. . I explained my FBS personal area was opened 3 yrs back ... And I uses perfect money. ... Before I knew, they said it was terms and conditions, .. and that part was not there at...
  13. V

    Abandoned - ACTIVE TRADES SCAM

    Hello army! I have been waiting for a formal response from Active Trades compliance for almost a month but currently I have not yet received a response, I have not entered a post immediately because I was convinced (I hoped) that given what happened they immediately decided to refund me but...
  14. F

    ABANDONED: Pepperstone closed my order without any consumer consent

    I have account on Pepperstone, my margin still at 400%+ and available margin still at 4000 EUR, yet pepperstone closed my spotcrude (buy) order without my consent. I dont know if broker can close our order if our margin still that high? i'm stressed out by this action done by...
  15. P

    ABANDONED COMPLAINT-4XC securities fraud https://4xcube.comDirectors Joao Monteiro, John Goddard, Joao Severino of 8topuz, Cyprus. https://8topuz.com

    Mag Markets Review: 4XC securities fraud clone scheme https://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/mag-markets-review-4xc-securities-fraud-clone-scheme/ Sep.20, 2021 in MLM Reviews mag-markets-logo.webp Mag Markets provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the company. Mag...
  16. D

    Abandoned - xm deleted my profit

    xm deleted my profit, I entered the transaction risking my money, and when I wanted to withdraw the money I earned, it was deleted. If I lost this money I invested, would it pay back? robbed me of my much needed money during this pandemic time, please help me, back office screenshots and mt4...
  17. Erick K

    superforex.com - Abandoned Complaint

    My name is Erick K Superforex Real Account: 737873 On 31st August 2021, I deposited 500$ through Skrill In that first week of trading (31 August - 3rd September), I made a 118.4$ profit, as below: I then made a 59$ withdrawal on 4th September as below: The next week (6th September to 10th...
  18. Angry Trader


    In 2018 I moved to Thailand from South Africa. In the same year I opened my current IC Markets account, connecting my trader account to my Thailand bank account. After a year in Thailand I had to return to South Africa. Upon my arrival in South Africa I updated IC Markets with my South African...
  19. V

    Abandoned Complaint - SPECTRO COIN SCAM COMPANY

    during the verification process they do not approve my identity document valid and correctly issued by my municipality and country of residence it is in paper format, on their terms and conditions it is not specified anywhere that they do not accept paper documents, stay away from them , I will...
  20. K

    ABANDONED/UNSUPPORTED - Octafx is a big fraud,i copied a trader and my money was just removed,i found out that the trade was manipulated.

    Octafx is a big fraud,run away from them