abandoned complaint

  1. V

    Abandoned - ACTIVE TRADES SCAM

    Hello army! I have been waiting for a formal response from Active Trades compliance for almost a month but currently I have not yet received a response, I have not entered a post immediately because I was convinced (I hoped) that given what happened they immediately decided to refund me but...
  2. F

    ABANDONED: Pepperstone closed my order without any consumer consent

    I have account on Pepperstone, my margin still at 400%+ and available margin still at 4000 EUR, yet pepperstone closed my spotcrude (buy) order without my consent. I dont know if broker can close our order if our margin still that high? i'm stressed out by this action done by...
  3. Peace Amry Police

    ABANDONED COMPLAINT-4XC securities fraud https://4xcube.comDirectors Joao Monteiro, John Goddard, Joao Severino of 8topuz, Cyprus. https://8topuz.com

    Mag Markets Review: 4XC securities fraud clone scheme https://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/mag-markets-review-4xc-securities-fraud-clone-scheme/ Sep.20, 2021 in MLM Reviews mag-markets-logo.webp Mag Markets provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the company. Mag...
  4. Angry Trader


    In 2018 I moved to Thailand from South Africa. In the same year I opened my current IC Markets account, connecting my trader account to my Thailand bank account. After a year in Thailand I had to return to South Africa. Upon my arrival in South Africa I updated IC Markets with my South African...
  5. V

    Abandoned Complaint - SPECTRO COIN SCAM COMPANY

    during the verification process they do not approve my identity document valid and correctly issued by my municipality and country of residence it is in paper format, on their terms and conditions it is not specified anywhere that they do not accept paper documents, stay away from them , I will...
  6. K

    ABANDONED/UNSUPPORTED - Octafx is a big fraud,i copied a trader and my money was just removed,i found out that the trade was manipulated.

    Octafx is a big fraud,run away from them
  7. P

    Abandoned - Probably hired to make this complaint. FXCC IS A SCAMMER. THEY LIED ABOUT THEIR LICENSE AND MISLEAD ME.

    FXCC is a scammer. The agreement they have is fake. They tell their customers that they have VFSC license. But it's fake. VFSC says that FXCC doesn't have an active license.VFSC does not take care of its previous regulated company to stop them from doing business in Vanuatu. I have confirmed the...
  8. david098

    ABANDONED/UNSUPPORTED - OctaFX withdrawal problem

  9. Y

    Abandoned - forex.com

    Forex.com can be a problem at times when you want to withdraw small funds from your account ,l requested for a withdrawal and l didn't get my money for 2 trait months ,they kept on saying we want this and that non-stop .lf you want to withdraw all your account funds you can easy get in trouble...
  10. S

    RESOLVED (AFCA findings in favor of financial firm): GlobalPrime is a dishonest scam broker too. Please don't fall into their trap.

    Global Prime Pty Ltd had claimed on its website that it has an extensive list of more than 20 Liquidity Providers, and had also claimed to source for the best pricing from these Liquidity providers for its clients. Proof of such claims can be found on the screenshot of their website as attached...
  11. igotboned

    Abandoned - suntan capital ltd working with Chen Meiyan major scam

    same as other sites. met her on asiancupid. played the long game. I sent money to invest with her... found this site and did a withdrawal of my initial deposit and was told i was suspected of money laundering. that i needed to send 10k to prove im liquid, than they would release my funds. they...
  12. AlanT135

    Abandoned/Unsupported - Liteforex is related to other brokers

    AsstModerator Note: AlanT135 did not respond to 2 private and 1 public invitation I sent asking him to present evidence. Based on his inaction, this thread is now being marked as Abandoned/Unsupported. The thread will now be closed and moved to the Resolved Issues folder. Aleksey Smirnov and...
  13. Justice Trader

    ABANDONED / UNSUPPORTED Criminal behaviour and brainless untrained staff! - AxiTrader

    FPA Forums Team Note: This complaint is both abandoned and unsupported. No money was sent, so no money was owed. No evidence has been provided of any misuse of the identity documents sent. JusticeTrader has not responded for more than 2 weeks after one of AxiTrader's regulators posted. This...
  14. Justice Trader


    FPA Forums Team Note: This complaint is both abandoned and unsupported. No money was sent, so no money was owed. No evidence has been provided of any misuse of the identity documents sent. JusticeTrader has not responded for more than 2 weeks after again promising to submit evidence. This...
  15. C

    Abandoned - NAGA SCAMMED ME!

    Hi, on 22/07/2020 I did withdrawal request from my NAGA account 6011376. Till today I just received excuses from Support services like "we have big withdrawal queue and bla bla bla" but in reality nothing happen. My money are still stuck on the account. as you can see in the image below. I put...
  16. Piter Robinsson


    Hi friends! Three days ago I decided to buy a trading robot from this person with myfxbook @Afron myfxbook.com/members/Afron I paid a personal payment in PayPal $ 500 but I never got the adviser I paid for! Afron stopped responding to my letters and ignores my messages, I have all the...
  17. A

    Unsupported/Abandoned - Complaint regarding the financial regulator website financialcommission.org

    AsstModerator Note: This claim against the Financial Commission is unsupported and has been abandoned by the person who made it. I emailed Acertablet about this. My mail included a letter from the Financial Commission as well as a personal note from me. I asked him to return to this thread...
  18. N

    FALSE COMPLAINT - marco_mmbiz scam

    Hello! I invested a lot of money in this guy marco_mmbiz (myfxbook.com/members/marco_mmbiz), I was promised a profit and a guarantee of return in any case, I lost all my money, after that no one answers my letters, they blocked me. I do not know what to do. Help. SCAM...
  19. P

    Abandoned: Withdrawals not processed by Justforex.com

    I have beein using Justforex.com for more than 2 years now. They always had minor issues with deposit and withdrawal processing, but usually they would fix that. For the past month serious issues started occurring and the support service seems unwilling to resolve them. Their clients site...
  20. B

    ABANDONED and UNSUPPORTED - LongVision SCAM seller on Myfxbook

    Hello everybody! Beware of this guy https://www.myfxbook.com/members/LongVision I bought an adviser from him and it turned out to be fake! I have lost a lot of money! Help me!!! This guy sells a lot of fake advisers at low prices, after contacting him for a refund, he blocks the email and does...