1. 264501

    CMS Trader, beware of this company.

    I have started this thread to warn others about this fraudulent broker, and to seek assistance in recovering my money. CMS Trader claims to be a investment advisory company that helps its clients to manage account and to help them trade on the Sirix platform. In the beginning I have invested an...
  2. M a scam, 3 weeks and no money, 1 of the scammers Cameel Swan

    I opened an account and deposited 2500 euro. 3 weeks ago I decided to withdraw the money. I took Cameel Swaan (1 of the scammers) 2 weeks to approve the withdrawal. Now it's extra 1 week after the "release of the funds" to my account but no money. Avoid these scammers at all costs. In the files...