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    Colmex suspended my account, no contact with the firm

    Hi, I have opened CFD account with Colmex on 01/11/19. On 24th of January 2019 I was unable to log into the trading platform. After emailing Colmex Pro support I was informed that my account is suspended for 48 hours due to review of my trading activity. On 25th of January I have send an email...
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    Colmex confiscated all profits

    I am writing this case against the broker Colmex Pro ( who I traded with from January 2017 until September 2017. When I came to withdraw my profits from there ( €9394.59 ) they accused me of using a third party to manage my account and removed all of my profits! I...
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    Colmex Pro Ltd - not paying profits

    I had trading account with Colmex Pro Ltdsince the beginning of 2017. Initially, I was setisfied with their service and I thought they were serious brokers, they are EU regulated and besides MT4, they also offer advanced trading platforms (Colmex Pro Trader). After more than 190 average trades...
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    Resolved: Colmex stealing profits after 8 months of trading

    Last October, after trading for 8 months, Colmex voided all profits I had made on my account. After I submitting a request to withdraw my funds in September, I suddenly received a message from them a week later that my account was under investigation. Then they put me on hold for a month and...
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    RESOLVED - Colmex confiscated all profits

    I deposited about 10000 USD into a Colmex( account about 1 year ago, Jan 2017. I made a profit of nearly 3000USD when execution became much worse than it had been so I decided to withdraw all my funds, this all happened in the beginning of October. Immediately after I submitted a...