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  1. AsstModerator

    Crown Forex - Report any progress here

    Some of those who have issues with Crown have been promised that payments or partial payments are on the way. Please report any progress towards resolving issue with Crown Forex in this thread.
  2. D

    Did you hurt by Crown Forex? Read & Join!

    Dear Fellows I had a deposit at Crown Forex when declared bankrupt by FINMA, the Swiss regulator. I talk with the NOTTER MEGEVAND & PARTNERS - the liquidator firm and told that among others, Crown Forex management abuses the traders’ deposits and didn't keep the money in a segregate account as...
  3. O

    Crown Forex - Outright Thievery

    I realize I need 10 posts in order to submit a qualified scam ticket - but I'd like to put this out there as a warning to anyone else that has funds with Crown. The short version is that a couple weeks ago, I had 10 contracts open at the close of business on Friday. Come Sunday evening at...
  4. T

    Crown Forex Scam

    Is someone having problems with Crownforex Withdrawals?? I have been trying to withdrawal but been unable to get my funds They are hiding from me, can someone help me out?
  5. Pharaoh

    Trevor Cook and Patrick Kiley: Partners in Crime

    Trevor Cook and Patrick Kiley: Partners in Crime By Pharaoh It looks like Pat Kiley and Trevor Cook have finally pushed their luck too far. The SEC has charged them with raising about $190 million, lying to clients about segregated accounts (while putting money in accounts they own under...
  6. Scam Investigations Committee

    Big, Swiss, and Bankrupt

    Crown Forex SA used to be a solid and well regarded broker. Sometime last fall, withdrawals became a huge issue. Over a dozen FPA members complained and FPA Investigator Tessa spent a large amount of time communicating with Crown Forex over the issue. After a great deal of effort, some people...
  7. Scam Investigations Committee

    Crown Forex loses control

    On December 11th, the FPA sent out an email linking to an article warning traders about some major issues with Crown Forex. We've just gotten confirmation that a week or so later, the Swiss Federal Banking Commission has appointed two investigators to take control of Crown Forex and look into...
  8. J

    Question about Crown Forex

    sir, i am akinjide, one of the army. i will like to know if there has been any complain from our people concerning crownforex in the past or recently. so that i know how to play my game safe with them. few weeks ago, i red from the that all the forex brokers in switzerland...
  9. P

    Resolved - Crown Forex SA Not Just Scammers. Plain Thiefs

    Crown Forex have been refusing to pay out the balance of my trading account ( several tens of K's) which has been closed for the last 7 weeks. I have had nothing but equivocation and excuses regarding the payment of the balance. I have phoned their office in Switzerland and have had telephone...
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