damon hunt

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    PellucidFX: scamming

    I heard from a very reliable inside source that PellucidFX.com is having "technical difficulties" and to try and get my money out as soon as I can. Well, I must be a little to late. I have tried multiple times to get money from several of my pellucid accounts and its like trying to get a quarter...
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    www.Pellucidfx.com SCAM they not pay profits

    Hi People. Another broker who is not paying profits! They wrote me that I have violated Terms but I have traded on their offered prices and never violated anything!
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    PellucdFX defrauded profits and deposits

    Hi I have been a client user of PellucidFX.com since January. I've been really impressed with the service (even referred a couple of others in). I use an auto-click to trigger trades and it was doing really well. In the last week of April I logged in to MT4 to find my account disabled. I...
  4. Damon

    Pellucid FX - Offshore Forex Brokerage - Opens Doors

    Hello, My name is Damon hunt, I am a Forex trader and until recently I managed accounts. Now I am founder and director of Pellucid FX. Please refer to a discussion I started on FPA in June 2011 "Can we build a better brokerage" for a more in-depth history of Pellucid FX I founded Pellucid...