1. aries_p

    4XP - scam?

    4XP - scam? Ciao, lasso di tempo maggio-giugno ho fatto bonifico TBC Bank - Georgia a favore di conti di intermediazione 4XP da CARIPARMA - Italia e da OEC - Stati Uniti d'America. Nonostante la piattaforma di 4XP sembra ancora in esecuzione, mi rendo conto ora che 4XP si trova ad affrontare...
  2. H

    Problem Let's do class action lawsuit in 4xp!

    I want the money back from 4XP. But, 4XP do not return my money. I, until it get the money back, I will not give up. So, I want to litigation valid. In civil litigation and criminal litigation, I, wins 4XP. You even do not participate in the class action lawsuit with me? Legal fees...
  3. Mohsen Jamshidi

    Help me to get back my money from 4XP

    Dear FOREX PEACE ARMY I have more than 100,000$ in this scam broker with total deposit 40,000$ I sent compliant to arbitrage.webmoney team to get back my initial deposit from this company I sent compliant to their regulator 2 months ago but their regulator is scam also I thinks their...
  4. Master Yoda

    Problem 4XP=FXTG=SkyFX: The Proofs

    As you all aware the FPA has have found the broker 4xp Scam following 7 verdicts (!!!) and following the failure of 4xp to pay customers their money, in other words: 4xp are thieves. I have made an investigation and have found a direct and disturbing connection between the above mentioned (4xp...
  5. Scam Investigations Committee

    Problem 4XP, What Went Wrong With Your Company?

    4XP What went wrong with your company? There are 2 usual ways for a broker to earn a scam finding. The first is to slowly mistreat trader after trader until the FPA has no choice but to give a scam finding. This sometimes involved delaying payments, but usually just enough traders get paid...