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    GUILTY | Case# 2012-081 | deejaynv1 vs www.dgbwebdesign.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.dgbwebdesign.com My Case is: I joined this mentoring service 18 months ago. many promises were made of showing a mechanical method through a structured teaching programme with live trades and setups. also it...
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    www.dgbwebdesign.com darryl bywater is a con man

    DGBWebdesign is run by a chap called Darryl Bywater. I have known Darryl over 2 years, and at first he seems friendly enough and a likeable guy but that's where it ends. He comes across as very genuine but deep inside lurks one of the worst scammers I have come across in 5 years of trading...