emporium capital

  1. sabaserwer786

    Problem Emporium Capital took my 6955.70$. Avoid this broker.

    Hello, I am saba serwer my emporium capital mt5 id is 19028. I am filing my complaint against the company, I deposited USD 1198, and invested my amount into buying 515 shares of SE, (sea) for around the price of 45.95, after the market closed, the next day during the closed market emporium...
  2. R

    Problem They don't withdraw my funds. from emporium capital broker (emporiumcapital.com)

    Hi, I have a withdrawal problem from Dubai broker Emporium capital (emporiumcapital.com). They didn't withdraw the remaining 32K funds. The reason why I tried this broker was because I was contacted by their manager. I usually work as a linkdin. I will upload the chat log if I need it. Yeah...