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    Alert !!! FX Capital International Corporation (

    WARNING !!! Those Group of Scammers who run ( euro forex investment ltd) Is launching their new platform FXCAP/ ( FX Capital International Corporation - stated in their website) .
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    FXCAP (Old name eurofx) can't withdraw from account over 1 year

    I opened a account with this company, their official website at present is : One account is 100,000$ at least. This company engaged in foreign exchange trading every day, and committed allowing customers to extract weekly return on the investment,also the freedom to withdraw their...
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    EuroFX/FXCAP Scam - Euro Forex Investment Limited/FX Capital International Corporation

    EUROFX / FXCAP is one of the largest international pyramid fraud in recent decades. The scheme claimed to have more than 50,000 investors around the world from more than 100 countries. So far, the confirmed victims have exceeded 3,000 people from near 10 different countries. In China, there are...