EuroFX/FXCAP Scam - Euro Forex Investment Limited/FX Capital International Corporation

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EuroFX Victim

EUROFX / FXCAP is one of the largest international pyramid fraud in recent decades. The scheme claimed to have more than 50,000 investors around the world from more than 100 countries. So far, the confirmed victims have exceeded 3,000 people from near 10 different countries. In China, there are victims from near 100 different cities including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. The confirmed fund being defrauded from the 3,000 victims has reached 1 billion USD.

If you are a victim, you must have noticed the the fraudulent website was officially closed on the 24th Aug 2015, the homepage simply says:

“Due to unfavourable trading condition in the past few months, FXCap is filling for bankruptcy and our clients account are been audited by external accounting firm. We apologized for any inconveniences caused. We expect this issue to be resolved in the next few months. Thank you.”

And there is no way to log into the platform anymore.

If you are a victim of EuroFX, please visit the website:

Apart from the victim website, we also created facebook page: and youtube page:

Chinese media and International media have also started to report the case, for more details please visit the Media section on the website:

You are not the only victim, and you are not the only one who lost everything because of this. There are more than 3,000 of us and we have just one same enemy. All investors should gather together to push the case forward, let the legal force investigate and catch the criminals and retrieve our funds back!

As a victim, what can you do? Here is a checklist:

1. Have I reported this to the local police?

2. Did I transfer my fund to Hong Kong or any other countries? If so, have I reported to the Hong Kong police or other legal forces?

3. Have I reported this to Singapore? It is important to do so if I know any of the Singaporean criminals.

4. Do I have any evidences in regards of this case, like photos, videos and records? If so, have I handed this to the police?

5. Do I have any resources to push the case forward? Like friends who works in media and police.

6. Have I filled in the victim form? Do I know anyone who hasn’t? If so please make sure they all visit the victim website and fill in the form.
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