romance scam

  1. HerodPK

    HKJSSHENGFX Scam or not thoughts about?!

    Hello fellow traders! Im real new to this thing. Start doing trading about 3 month now. All thx to a too suspicius story. I would like to ask you all have you heard about HK JiaSheng as a legit brokerage or just scammers on the internet. Story goes by so far from early december last year. Same...
  2. F

    Fake or not

    I meet a lady by internet and she want be my girlfriend and she talk o lot about buisines with trading Gold. Now she want teach me and she want i open account at but i think if i sent money to this company and maby i loose my money. I Think the Lady and the company are not real. Know...
  3. S

    Possible scammer? Tinder and Forex

    Hi Guys, I'm totally new to Forex. Recently I met this girl "Jenny" on tinder. After a couple of chats via Whatsapp, she was telling me about how she made a lot of money from forex using a mobile app. She asked to me use this link to download.... When I google search this...
  4. T

    Please help! Am I being Scammed? (

    I know NOTHING about trading and I need some people who DO know about it to PLEASE help me see if I am or not, or maybe being scammed…please read on... Sorry for the wall of text! About a month ago I matched with a girl on Tinder. After a few days we started chatting, moved to using WeChat...