romance scam

  1. C

    FurionGlobal Scam another honey trap

    Hello , First of all I would like to thank everyone who is posting and reporting these scammers. These forums helped me dodge a HUGE bullet. I am from Eastern Europe and I was contacted by a "cute Taiwanese girl" via facebook , as you can guess, she is smart and good looking, has beauty salon...
  2. T

    TanTan and wechat Scam

    Hi everyone, I would like to share a story to everyone about my experiences and help other wont get scam in the future! I didnt get scam and I was fooling around with them the whole time since I have not much going on and in fact I dont know did I screw them or not. Let the story begin, I use...
  3. P

    Scammed by Knight Service Group for US $1.44M

    Hi, I was scammed by Knight Service Group for US $1.44M. I live in the US. I was lured by a supposedly single mom named Nancy, who I met on a dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel. She immediately wanted to chat on WhatsApp. She claimed to be a partner at a fashion company which did work for H&M...
  4. J

    HYFX - are they legit?

    Hi guys, sorry I am new here (but I am very happy I did my DD and found you all!) - as I seem to have gotten into a similar scam that has been reported in different versions by many of you before - although my connection was not the tinder / dating app girl but someone who "accidentally"...
  5. A

    Kerford Limited [Romance Scam]

    About a month ago, some girl added me on Wechat with friendly gestures by saying she wanted to visit Malaysia in the future. The conversation started with friendly gestures first. After 2 weeks, she started mentioned about trading and shows some of her trading results. So I deposited 3000 USD...
  6. S

    Knights service group tinder scam

    I have read a few accounts of the same situations and many said to start a new thread about the issues I met someone one tinder, Xia Qiaolan who claimed to be a Chinese business owner. After speaking for a few weeks all day and every day the discussion eventually turned to investment. I...
  7. M

    Possible scam?

    Hello, first of all, I'm not a trader, but I do work as executive so I can potentially be a target of a scam. I live in a large European city, and recently I have seen many girls from China using Tinder Passport. I matched with a few. I have been in contact with two in particular. The first...
  8. F

    Is platform safe?

    A girl I matched up with on a dating app wants me to trade forex with gold using this platform. Is it safe to do so? My chrome browser has already identified the web page as insecure. Link:
  9. K

    Business Choice Partners Group, bcpgltd, is a SCAM!

    Business Choice Partners Group Ltd BCPG is a scam! Please stay far away and do not invest in any foreign exchange from any person from China/Hong Kong. I got talked into investing with them after trading on their DEMO account through MT5 and how successfully it was doing. They ask me to sign up...
  10. H

    Am I being scammed? (

    Hi there, I'm quite new to trading and came in contact with a tan tan match. This girl seem to have made a fortune through her friend who's an advisor and demonstrated to me through mt4 how you can invest with gold and make money via a demo account first. Now this advisor wants me to send money...
  11. greenkomodo

    Is this a classic Tinder scam? -

    Found a girl on Tinder from HK and supposdely living in my city London. We talk here and there, limited language barrier. She mentions she is a trader and sends me screenshots of the money she is making. She then asks me if I can do a trade with her because she 'needs to visit the embassay'. So...
  12. Darren757575

    People are out there for scam beware

    Dear all, There are some people who are really scammers and use the platform metatrade 4 to charm you out into investment. I personally did met a girl on social platform site who pretended to be Milina Welkins. She proclaimed to be the only daugher of a singaporian parents and now as...
  13. HerodPK

    HKJSSHENGFX Scam or not thoughts about?!

    Hello fellow traders! Im real new to this thing. Start doing trading about 3 month now. All thx to a too suspicius story. I would like to ask you all have you heard about HK JiaSheng as a legit brokerage or just scammers on the internet. Story goes by so far from early december last year. Same...
  14. F

    Fake or not

    I meet a lady by internet and she want be my girlfriend and she talk o lot about buisines with trading Gold. Now she want teach me and she want i open account at but i think if i sent money to this company and maby i loose my money. I Think the Lady and the company are not real. Know...
  15. S

    Possible scammer? Tinder and Forex

    Hi Guys, I'm totally new to Forex. Recently I met this girl "Jenny" on tinder. After a couple of chats via Whatsapp, she was telling me about how she made a lot of money from forex using a mobile app. She asked to me use this link to download.... When I google search this...
  16. T

    Please help! Am I being Scammed? (

    I know NOTHING about trading and I need some people who DO know about it to PLEASE help me see if I am or not, or maybe being scammed…please read on... Sorry for the wall of text! About a month ago I matched with a girl on Tinder. After a few days we started chatting, moved to using WeChat...