romance scam

  1. C

    Forex romance scam

    A beautiful blonde girl got in touch with me through a dating app and told me she made alot of money trading forex. Asked me to switch to watsapp. She said she uses GLLUCK limited as her broker. Trades on this app called MT4. She forged a relationship with me within some time of meeting me...
  2. R

    PKG Global chinese is a scammer !!!! Watch out!!!

    Do you know how I can get my money back from PKG Global company in China? It happened a week ago, 17th July 2021. PKG Global is a Scammer! May-san, Chinese lady, is asking you to do FX trade at PKG GLobal. I was scammed, and put a large amount of money to Bitcoin and to the US dollars for PKG...
  3. A

    Cbmh company limited likely scam

    Hello everyone, I knew a girl from app called travel and she asked for my whats app and we started chatting and she said she is from Thailand but she is visiting her Aunt in Chicago atm and the chat was normal untill she explained to me how much she is making a week and she is doing it...
  4. M

    Furion Global Romance SCAM.

    One of the women Li Hongjuan hired by this scam broker targeted me on a dating website and convinced me to open an account with FURION GLOBAL . she told me she had insider info and would tell me when and what to trade and when to close the deal . I transferred 40000 dollars over several months...
  5. J

    tinder invest scam - garsonforex

    Hi Guys, I've been the victim of Same scenario, tinder then she introduced me to the investment group. I invested 20K. Been able to make 90K but when came to withdrawal Mr Gavin asked to pay the commission I said ok but I will pay from your website. On the website...
  6. T

    I appear to have fallen foul to spring information

    Hi All, Unfortunately I appear to have fallen foul to the spring information MT5 scam also. Again, chatting to a girl on Tinder who mentions MetaTrader 5. It's in my nature to be intrigued by this sort of thing and I am also a risky person and act a lot on impulse. She put me in touch with her...
  7. H


    Hello everyone, Did anyone know this girl? I met this girl in Facebook on 03 November 2020, her name Pang Yuanyuan, she was really friendly and asked me to add her on WeChat. We had almost everyday conversation in WeChat, she told me that she was living in Hong Kong, now doing some clothes...
  8. ALEX 1911

    Another romance scam -

    How annoying these scamming women are! Here is another site of scammers made there 100 dollars twice gave to withdraw money for 3 times wanted to withdraw 130 dollars, and I can't support service does not respond, the girl is also missing!
  9. pacific_lion

    Furion Global Capital

    Greetings FOREX Peace Soldiers, I'm a new recruit here and I have something to share. I have spent the last six weeks trying to start a romantic relationship with a Chinese woman based on Hong Kong until I eventually concluded with 80% confidence (by my estimation) that she is a FOREX scammer...
  10. L

    Dating Scam

    Advise for everyone any Asian dating site is 97% full of scammers, more prettier they are, you can be sure it's a scam. If they mention investments, the red flag should wave at you. If someone is not sure about the person's intentions, please contact them via whatsUpp if you see the...
  11. yosito

    I am desperate - problem with

    Hello, i need help. But first i'll try to explain my position. Just like anybody else, i know this "girl" from Tinder circa June 2020. She said that she want to befriend with me. Later on next month, she told me what she was doing on her free time. Forex trading. She asked me to install Meta...
  12. T

    TanTan and wechat Scam

    Hi everyone, I would like to share a story to everyone about my experiences and help other wont get scam in the future! I didnt get scam and I was fooling around with them the whole time since I have not much going on and in fact I dont know did I screw them or not. Let the story begin, I use...
  13. Sandman74

    They're at it again!

    Having used a dating app before and had 2 bad experiences with beautiful Asian women recommending forex to me, I thought I'd try another app. Asian girls on "Tinder", all looking flawlessly beautiful, immaculately dressed, sometimes with expensive cars, are to blame... AGAIN! I matched with 10...
  14. P

    Scammed by Knight Service Group for US $1.44M

    Hi, I was scammed by Knight Service Group for US $1.44M. I live in the US. I was lured by a supposedly single mom named Nancy, who I met on a dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel. She immediately wanted to chat on WhatsApp. She claimed to be a partner at a fashion company which did work for H&M...
  15. J

    HYFX - are they legit?

    Hi guys, sorry I am new here (but I am very happy I did my DD and found you all!) - as I seem to have gotten into a similar scam that has been reported in different versions by many of you before - although my connection was not the tinder / dating app girl but someone who "accidentally"...
  16. A

    Kerford Limited [Romance Scam]

    About a month ago, some girl added me on Wechat with friendly gestures by saying she wanted to visit Malaysia in the future. The conversation started with friendly gestures first. After 2 weeks, she started mentioned about trading and shows some of her trading results. So I deposited 3000 USD...
  17. S

    Knights service group tinder scam

    I have read a few accounts of the same situations and many said to start a new thread about the issues I met someone one tinder, Xia Qiaolan who claimed to be a Chinese business owner. After speaking for a few weeks all day and every day the discussion eventually turned to investment. I...
  18. M

    Possible scam?

    Hello, first of all, I'm not a trader, but I do work as executive so I can potentially be a target of a scam. I live in a large European city, and recently I have seen many girls from China using Tinder Passport. I matched with a few. I have been in contact with two in particular. The first...
  19. F

    Is platform safe?

    A girl I matched up with on a dating app wants me to trade forex with gold using this platform. Is it safe to do so? My chrome browser has already identified the web page as insecure. Link:
  20. K

    Business Choice Partners Group, bcpgltd, is a SCAM!

    Business Choice Partners Group Ltd BCPG is a scam! Please stay far away and do not invest in any foreign exchange from any person from China/Hong Kong. I got talked into investing with them after trading on their DEMO account through MT5 and how successfully it was doing. They ask me to sign up...