1. T

    greeting everyone

    Im ceaser ! looking to learn from the community and contribute where i can :)
  2. ManzilFX

    Hello All. Its the beginning of documenting my FX Journey

    Hello Everyone. I have benefited from this site over the years and thought I would pay back by contributing and also documenting my FX journey. I have seen a lot of scams and scammers to date. Tried every possible thing to try out in FX. Went from blowing an account (haven't we all done it?) to...
  3. Damawasi

    Hi everyone, let's get started

    Hi to this community, I would to say hi to everyone and wish all trading success as possible! I am from Spain, and after more than 2 years trading in demo i am gonna start with real money (hope to get my account funded today). Thanks to the guys that make possible this community I ve been...
  4. Henrylearn


    hello everyone... it feels really good to be here.
  5. jsoefpro93

    Hello Peace Army, I'm new new!

    I was advised to join this community of insightful and experienced traders if I'm looking to be better. I made decisions when I was a rookie that now makes me question my trading skill set and strategies. Am looking forward to learning some new things on here.