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    Finexo is a big scam

    I have been with finexo for about 4 years.I traded and withdrew money but the problem started when finexo was sold to current cyprus owners/scammers i wired some money to their bank about 2 months ago so i can resume trading but immediately they got my money they stopped replying my mails i...
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    FINEXO has stayed with my money

    Hullo fellow traders i need some help from you i am a forex trader from Uganda and i am trading for my 10th month now i started forex in August last year and i decided to practice with a micro account that i opened up with Finexo i traded as i learnt and read, did alot of hard work learning...
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    Hi all i been trading whit a littel month for now what i dont get (even in quiet market) everytime i want to open or close a trade they requte or call it invalid price i have never faced that problem by any other broker well atlest i am done trading there just wanted to hear if any...
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    Finexo is scam

    Was negotiating with a business Finexo safecap of investments, and suddenly open positions would not let end down, I was a day seeing fares devalue unable to close the position they did not attend the chat or telephone, I lost $ 5000 k USD. is not serious business.
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    Bank Fraud ? Finexo

    I desperately need help from the FPA.Saxo Bank is stealing My money. They are Bankers to FINEXO,where I operate a live account. I transfered $470 throgh Saxo Bank to fund my account with FINEXO since 29th September 2008.They have refused to give the money to FINEXO ,the beneficiary of the wire...
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