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  1. Tomas J

    Trading reports Partners FX

    Hi, this is my trading report with the team PartnersFx
  2. Marcelo Rosa

    Jadcapital - Anyone heard about it?

    Dear members, another company came to my hands: I never heard about it, not much information over the Internet as well. Anyone has previous experience with this company? They are the money managers and the brokers they work with are GBE brokers and ADS Securities as...
  3. FPA Testing

    New Performance tests 2014-12-18

    I've got 5 new tests, 4 EAs and 1 Managed Account for you guys. It should be 7 tests if 2 of them had held on a little bit longer. 4 EAs here Asterion Forex Robot Goldenrain Forex Bull DinaMix Pro vUSDJPY 1 Managed Account Imperial Global Balanced PAMM 2 Crashed and Burned tests here...