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  1. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Trading Theory™

    Trading Theory™ is a SCAMMER!!! He steals signals and doesn't know what he is doing.....DO NOT BUY!!!!
  2. S

    Services Offered How Forex Signal System Can Help You Trade Like A Professional

    The forex markets is amongst the most popular and fast-paced and dynamic financial markets in the world. The daily FX market average turnover is reported to be around $5 trillion. With the right trading tools and knowledge, the forex market could be a money-spinner that guarantees a source of...
  3. OnlineAddict

    From $1 to Million - Expert Advisor - Results I will try to keep updating this thread every week with the latest results. For more details please go to:
  4. D

    UK Tax on Forex signal providing

    I am aware of capital gains tax for Forex and the tax free status of spread betting but what if such trading is used to provide a signal through MQL5 or Autotrade for example? If you are successful enough a secondary income would be paid into your bank account but would it come under the same...
  5. Cobratatescam Forex signal provider is a scam. Formidable Forex Powerhouse.

    Myself and multiple people are extremely dissatisfied with the service and lies by the person who owns the company in question. First off, the person who owns the company/service claims that they have a professional trading team from Dubai on a 1M USD $ retainer who would provide top level...
  6. N

    Need help to know the name of software creating forex signal

    Does anyone know the name of this software for creating fore signal.
  7. N

    YMS-PRO Template

    Free Download YMS-PRO Template
  8. F

    Services Offered Free Forex Signal APP FOREXSIGNAL24.COM

    FOREXSIGNAL24.COM is an advanced Android Application which brings you the best buy or sell Forex signals from the market. Looking for a way to get forex trading signals right on your phone? Maybe an App for free forex signals in particular? Forex Signals is the most popular Forex Signals app...
  9. S Scam

    I have subscribed for SMS Signals from Forex Signals | Forex Trade Signals | Forex Trading Signals - Forex Signal Alerts for 10 days Trial for 79 $ but to my surprise they did not sent a signal for the First Day. After I emailed them they started the signal on my email. They advertise to give...