1. Z

    Fortress Prime Withholding My Funds

    Hi Guys, I've been waiting patiently for over 3 months to withdrawal my money from Fortress Prime. At first they said they are changing banks and it would take only another two weeks to wire out my money, which was in September. They were very nice and responsive I got at least 3...
  2. L

    Fortress Prime Holding my funds

    I have been waiting a month for my withdrawal from this broker, they firstly said they were changing banks and to be patient and that the withdrawal would be processed soon, at first very nice and very responsive. Now nothing they don't respond at all. I have threatened to take legal action...
  3. RidzuanS

    Fortress prime withdrawals

    Hi all, May i kow if anyone of you have problems on withdrawals from Fortress Prime UAE. Our profit has stuck nearly 2 months now. Thanks for reply.