fx dd

  1. N

    Fxdd & arincen

    كيف اكتب شكوى ضد تعاون الشركتين في التلاعب شركة fxddارسلت معلومات حسابي الى ارينسن
  2. M

    Fxdd doesn't process withdrawal and doesn't answer to emails after 7 days

    Dear guys, It's 7 days now that I'm waiting for an answer from fxdd to process my withdrawal request of 11.2k but they don't process it and they even don't answer to my email. Any ideas about what should I do? Thank you.
  3. hello966

    FXDD price discrepency

    Dear Forexpeacearmy, I have a forex account with FXDD Malta. My account balance USD 23000 was liquidated on 7/10/2016 due to the pound flash crash. GBPJPY lowest price given by FXDD Malta was 119.41. Other brokers/website lowest pricing for GBPJPY were as follows: IgoFX ...