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    FXCM UK - Scammed me: account locked since 3 week - no withdrawal

    Hi, my FXCM UK account were loocked since 3 weeks. The support wrote me that my account is Locked because it is "under review" on 11-01-2018. No more explenation about this "under review". After some days i asked to the support chat and by telephone but they told me that they did know...
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    I funded my account last week to trade long on gold and oil and the next day they closed both my trades and they had not hit their stops. I opened up 4 trades today and 3 out of 4 were in profit when all 4 trades were closed at the same time while I was watching. The graph for US OIL was not...
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    FXCM UK is terminating their relationship with no explaination given even with being asked by Emails 3 times. I have lost tons of $ with them over the last 7 years...I was finally making some back......and now they termonate me. THE SAME WAY your FPA FXCM talk they talk...."CANNOT SAY WHY "...