1. E

    fx-inter/ inter global investments

    Attn: Operation Manager. My name is Erlend Hammer . My account number is 99873. First I had a 7000 account with Vivienne Kane. I chose to have a managed account and gave her the password to the account so she could trade on my behalf. First she did fine but then she blew the account...
  2. ajajja


    I applied a withdraw request on Aug 26, 2016 with amount of 10,000. Till now I only received 1000 to my credit card. They tilling me that they did transfer 9000 by bank and it will reach to me within 3-5 days. Now more than 4 weeks I received nothing.
  3. S

    InterGlobal at www.fx-inter.com

    Dear Sirs, Start My complaint with a short explanation -If Inter Global tried to steal my money in 1 day. I am from Bulgaria – beginner in Forex and I was looking for a company to teach me in a good practices of trading and to help a bit my Family – my wife is with Brest Cancer to survive...
  4. V

    FX-inter/ Inter Global not returning profits

    I opened an account with fx-inter.com and deposited $2000. With the help of a broker the account size grew to $10000. I was then phoned and told that I immediately had to move my funds across to another broker( forexblvd.com) as fx-inter was closing down and if I didn't do it I would lose all my...