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    UpMegroup is not paying its trade now promotion profit

    My friend and brother Rahul cokroborti opened a account in Upmegroup(upmegroup.com) in trade now section . it was a $101 nodeposit bonus. soon after he got busy in his work and he informed me about the promotion.I heard he deleted his ac without completing any trade. i asked him about that and...
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    GUILTY Case# 2012-065 | fkayode vs www.fxup.me

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.fxup.me My Case is: I opened an ECN Account on 11th April 2012 with deposit of $250.00 and then started trading on 12th April 2012. Before opening the account I asked from their support if I can trade during the...
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    Fxup.me deleted my profitable trades on ecn type account

    I opened an ECN account with this broker after confirmation through chat from with their customer support on my trading style. The first account I traded made some profit and withdrawals were made on it, and then decided to open another accounts to enable spread my risk. I do trade on...