gain capital

  1. Alex Findlay

    The Gain Capital FXCM deal was a slap in the face for justice GOOGLE the facts.

    FXCM trades against their TRADERS and sells accounts to GAIN for up to $500.00 each reportedly.after being barred in the USA. The two brokers thereafter collude to illegally hold funds preventing FREEDOM OF CHOICE when it comes to selecting a Broker. TWO unscrupulous brokers getting together to...
  2. S

    GFT or newly acquired by Capital is scam

    GFT operates forex trading via 2 systems main-Dealbook account and MT4 account.I opened an MT4 account.MT4 requires to fetch updated data from Dealbook server when syncing.For any positions still remain open,MT4 will create numerous syncing known as AAS(AutoAccountSync).This caused my account to...
  3. J

    Gain Capital is witholding my profits

    On 22 May 2014, I traded on the AUD/USD instrument (10 orders) and consequently Gain Capital – UK Limited (the company) cancelled all my profits. When I enquired why, in their Final Answer (FA) they told me the orders were executed at off-market prices. However, the company failed to...
  4. A

    Problem My story with Gain Capital (forex .com) UK

    Hi , Guys Traders Court!! What can I say its absolutely brilliant and also very sad After reading all the cases I decided to share my story . Case as follows Broker Name; Gain Capital ( UK Subject; Manifest Error CFD Product; WTI Crude oil On the 12 September...