1. E

    Global trader 365

    Hello, I have been scammed by Globaltrader365. I asked for a withdrawal on oct. 17, 2013 and have contacted the 5 times over 3 weeks and no reply and my money was not returned to my card. I would like to start proceedings again them. Regards, Everett Jester
  2. AsstModerator

    The CFTC files fraud charges against 2 more binary scams

    The wheels of justice are slow, but I think they are showing signs of speeding up. Not only is the CFTC filing charges, but the details published show larger cooperation in the efforts to deal with binary scammers. The CFTC worked with Cysec, the Ontario Securities Commission, and the Israeli...
  3. Prithivi Lamichhane

    global trader 365 Withdraw cancelled

    I have deposit in account through out the rapid binary machine automation into the global trader 365 account. My automation do not work at all. I try to trade my self manually. I lose the trade. I request to withdraw my amount for next setting changing email they cancel my withdraw. I think I...
  4. J

    GlobalTrader365 have stolen 1000EUR from my CARD.

    I was contacted by a rep from GLOBALTRADER365. Calling me constantly. i deposited 250EUR. 1 day later they made 2 deposit from my card of 500EUR total 1000EUR. WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE!!! I have blocked the VISA card and made a policereport. Now i see the 2 1000EUR on my cardstatement. I now i was...
  5. A


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