global trader 365 Withdraw cancelled

I have deposit in account through out the rapid binary machine automation into the global trader 365 account. My automation do not work at all. I try to trade my self manually. I lose the trade. I request to withdraw my amount for next setting changing email they cancel my withdraw.
I think I do not have enough signal I think to buy one auto binary signal service from the click bank and request explaining all to the Global trader but they never heard anything I could not withdraw my money. I am really helpless when I play I have no idea to trade every time I lose the trade.
I have proof here in face book link.
I want to trade on behalf of myself I want to redeposit in automation now many many auto site has come.
So Please help me for withdraw my amount. I have not taken any credit facility and bonus. I always respect to this company. I have many problems for manual trading.

Can you post something showing your current balance and equity?

Have you contacted GlobalTrader365 support and asked them why your withdrawals are being cancelled?
Hi sir thanks for reply. I have contacted many times, I sent them email they call be back. I could not call back them the phone ask me some one's name but I could not remember any one's name. So I could not call back. They call me back and told me to give me call back for the open trade. I have done one time but after changing dot net to this website do not runs nicely. I could not go into the history well. When I change one menu it goes out I must log in again. I try to trade from his calling but could not. I requested many times when he called me back. They refused my request cancelled all my request. They want I should trade but many problem I could not trade. In my place here is load shedding after every 3 hrs only power comes. Sometimes internet problem sometimes computer problems so I request them I could not do manual trading. Whenever I open trade I lose trade due to my less knowledge.
They refused my withdraw request and later on they cut my inactive fee from my account. (facebook link photo)
I have 294.50 in my account after they cut my inactive charge.

Plz see without download any photo to the computer here is the face book photo posting from my account snap shoot.

I want to trade on behalf of myself. This is enough money for me when I set up in the automatic trading software.

Prithivi Lamichhane
Go ahead and email them an invitation to join this discussion thread. Send it to every address you can find for them.

If you deposited by credit card, you can call your issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Clearly explain the situation and ask if a chargeback is an option or not.
Is it your first experience with them? It isn't clear from your message was your trading automated or manual? What software you made use of?
Is it your first experience with them? It isn't clear from your message was your trading automated or manual? What software you made use of?

The software was you can search in Google. This do not work in my account at all. I trade combined with the forex chart and other signal but I lose many trade so I become hopeless. I try to withdraw this money I have not taken any credit facility.
Auto trade do not trade my account only. I hope many auto trade working well.

Maybe was banned in their system and using it you just breached their ToS? have you inquired on that matter? Using prohibited software is the apt reason for broker to rob their clients... Anyway they have to allow you to withdraw your leftovers, otherwise they seems to be pure scam..
Really I have not taken any credit facility but why they do not allow to back my money? I am so surprised. Trading should be on behalf of me. They force me to trade more and withdraw more than thousand in my phone conversation.

If I withdraw my 300 $ I can easily earn more from any automation.