1. D

    The great gold scam with IC Markets

    Hello to you all! Recently I have been useing IC Markets to trade gold futures. My cooperation with them was very smooth for past 3 months so I decided to put into motion bigger sums of money. Two days ago (24.03.2020) I have placed a buy order at a 1610 USD. My contract size was substential so...
  2. J

    Caught ICmarkets Fake spike price stop out trades

    Hi, been trading icmarkets for months, encounter many times that trades got stop out by price spike to stop loss had been set then the price will go back in short period, but this time icmarkets is too greedy until account in negative balance because price surge 1000 pips + and my stop loss had...
  3. K

    icmarkets rejected my withdrawal

    Hello, i really depressed why i cant get my withdrawal from icmarket using VISADIRECT, they always blame my bank, they said my bank rejected it. but everytime i contacted my bank, via telephone, email, callcenter, they always say "there is no problem sir, and we not detect any fund to your...
  4. Hamlet

    ICMarkets - Withdrawal to Visa Card not going through

    Hello everybody. I am reaching to this court seeking for help with withdrawing money to valid Visa Credit Card via Visa Direct Method from ICMarkets AU. The thing is that before creating my ICMarkets account, I contacted support to confirm if I was going to be able to withdraw money via the...