1. C

    Problem Ic markets sumiu meu dinheiro 737.83 Dolar zerou minha conta

    Sou do Brasil Tentei fazer vários saques com pix da minha conta acmarkets 783.83 mas de 10 vezes e não consegui na mesma conta que depositei Enviar e-mail não resolveu Pelo WhatsApp não resolveu Pelo telefone não resolveu Pelo reclame aqui no Brasil estou aguardando fui fazer uma...
  2. Damirbek

    Problem Withdraw problem.IC Markets

    Hello everybody . I have a withdrawal problem with IC Markets. I can't withdraw my deposit since 7 days. I have provided all the information they asked for and all my documents have been accepted. But every time I try to withdraw they are saying the same reason "You send us the bank statement"...
  3. A


    Dear sir(s), IC MARKETS - ILLEGITIMATE FORCED-CLOSE of SELL ORDER - DEMOLISHING 90% of EQUITY BALANCE I would like to humbly request for FPA assistance and expertise .... to look into my issue .... to determine whether ICM had illegitimately forced-close my SELL ORDER #100445575 ... on...
  4. Blodotrader

    Problem ICTRADING concern

    Hi, I and some friends deposited in this broker ictrading.com which is 100% same as icmarkets.com. Also they have same spreads and same prices, the metatrader and forex conditions are great. More than 24 hours ago I made a withdraw and still processing, Im really worried as the customer...
  5. Y

    Problem IC MARKETS is a dishonest dealer who will steal your money anytime

    On December 12, 2022, I opened a trading account (90027449) with ic markets and have been conducting regular trades. During the period between May 3rd and 10th, I traded the US2000 instrument and made a total profit of $50,000. However, on June 8th, my account was suddenly deducted $45,000...
  6. Guisgs

    ABANDONED - IC Markets is unclear about the commission charge on Ctrader

    Hello everybody! I have been noticing a strange problem with the IC Markets Ctrader platform for some time now. When using the platform, the commission amounts charged and those shown on the platform are completely different. I checked their website and it says that the commission charged on...
  7. B

    Resolved: ICMarkets is not a fair broker...when they do a mistake, you are the one they charge!

    During the debacle of regional US banks of may 23, I traded instrument US2000 that had a very nice swap rate (I assumed it was coming from future/CFD adjustment in volatile times) but unfortunately even with those good swaps rates I ended globally negative on those trades for -932.23 EUR. I was...
  8. Cally100

    Resolved: IC MARKET charged me of very high Swap Fee/Overnight fe. Please check my attachements.

    Please check the charges(SWAP FEE) if its normal or very high. Thank you very much.
  9. N

    Problem ICMARKETS doesn't pay me. It's been 3 days since I placed the withdrawal order but the withdrawal order is still not approved

    Tôi đã đặt lệnh rút tiền từ ICmarkets.com. Đã 3 ngày trôi qua và tôi vẫn chưa nhận được tiền của mình và họ nói với tôi rằng ICmarkets đang gặp sự cố và yêu cầu tôi tiếp tục chờ đợi, thật khó để chấp nhận một lý do như vậy.
  10. Badger88

    Problem ICMarkets Global withdrawal delay

    Hello guys. Did anyone tried to make a withdrawal from IC markets global this week? I try to get my money back, the withdrawal requests are being processed for more then 30hrs now. Support says there is a general problem on their end but i'm afraid i'm being scamed - today morning they said...
  11. bongik

    Problem Icmarkets Made my margin double until I lost all money

    Support response is 48h Wen I want to Withdrawal my money they told me a bunch of reasons finally I decided to continue my trading I did from 300 eur to 1160 euro with margin of 600 euro but hey at 10h am they made my margin double until I lost all money I contact et support they told me to...
  12. D


    I opened a demo account and it was closed, because my orders were closed even without arriving at stop and take. I contacted icmarkets by email and no one responded why this happened. I opened 2 or 3 more demo accounts and the same thing happened, I removed all the demo accounts because my...
  13. RafaelS

    Resolved: ICMarkets withholding withdrawal of funds

    Hi there, this is my first post here. I've been with ICMarkets for years and never had any issues until now. On the 11/10/2022 I requested a withdrawal of my funds onto my bank account. So far the status of my withdrawal is still marked as "processing". This never happened to me before...
  14. PipsHunter69

    Problem IC Markets price movement abuse

    Hello Dear Traders, I encountered a problem with IC Markets on "BTC/USD" on 05/12/2022. BTC/USD fell that day from 30,200 to 26,600 on all global charts. However, IC Markets pushed the price of BTC/USD to 25200. As the fall progressed, a difference of 1000 USD appeared on the IC Markets...
  15. O

    Problems with my ICMarkets account

    Yes i had a perfectly hedged account and i understand the swap costs but some how money seemed to evaporate , i'd keep putting $$ in and i was winning small trades but my margin % kept getting smaller ???
  16. S

    ic markets leverage and free margin problems

    i have 3k acount in icmarkets but my leverage is very low i put only some lots and its show me zero free margin for another trade i am using ic more then 2 years but now i wants to leave icmarkets forever for this leverage new policy check my screenshot of ic scams
  17. PeterForexTrading

    ICmarkets ETHUSD didn't follow Market Spot. Set TP didn't hit! Scammer broker

    I have 2 open positions for ETHUSD, ID: 112281365 and 112281617. Set TP 4250 Set SL 4440 ICMarkets MT4 platform didn't follow the market spot which the lowest was 4233.31 (shown in TradingView as per screenshot) and it suppose to hit my TP at 4250 already. Even my another MT4 plaform Lirunex...
  18. D

    ICmarket close my trade

    Good evening I have an account on ICmarket and another on Pepperstone. I made two identical trades on the two brokers. But as you can see from the screenshots, the one on ICmarket closed far below the TP causing me to lose (36 PIPS). Why?
  19. Angry Trader


    In 2018 I moved to Thailand from South Africa. In the same year I opened my current IC Markets account, connecting my trader account to my Thailand bank account. After a year in Thailand I had to return to South Africa. Upon my arrival in South Africa I updated IC Markets with my South African...
  20. D

    Does my broker stole me some money?

    Hi , i live in France and i have a trading account with ic markets. Hi i took two screenshots of my account : one screen shot was taken on april 16 th in the Morning in France. the second screen shot was taken 8 hour ago the same day there was no swap during this time ,it was the Morning for...