Does my broker stole me some money?


Hi , i live in France and i have a trading account with ic markets.
Hi i took two screenshots of my account :

one screen shot was taken on april 16 th in the Morning in France.
the second screen shot was taken 8 hour ago the same day
there was no swap during this time ,it was the Morning for the first screenshot...
only my ethereum moved during this time because the stock markets were closed.

On the first Screenshot , the ethereum rate was 2495.97
On the second Sceenshot , the ethereum rate was 2368.40
i hold 10 ethereums so the difference is 2495.97-2368.40 =1270.57 dollars =1058 euros

As u can see on my first Screenshot the Action was 24190.63 euros.
On the second Screenshot the Action was 23091.31 euros.
24190.63 - 1058 =23132.63 euros.
In fact , i should have 23132.63 when the second Screenshot was taken
i only have 23091.31.
So , have i been stolen?


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if you don't trust the broker you are with, why are you trading with them? why are you depositing money with them?

if you don't understand the business model of the broker you are using (how they actually make profits), why are you depositing/trading with them?