ic markets

  1. C

    need help..IC MARKETS

    I forgot to make a transaction on the website but deposited money already .. Talking to support team every day is useless, only wait wait and wait 1 month already . Support said" can't do anything . just lost money 20,000 RMB having proof of transfer.. please do something ... ..IC MARKETS
  2. Y

    IC Market Withdrawal Expiry??

    I've recently encountered a fund withdrawal issue with IC market and it seems really dodgy to me. There are a few options for withdrawal requests, 1. Visa Direct, 2. Safecharge, 3. Union pay and 4. Wire transfer. I deposited my fund using a credit card, so I requested a visa withdrawal but it...
  3. C

    IC Markets - perfect legit scam

    Before I will share my case public, I want to know if I can post screenshots of email conversations with the company itself (compliance and customer support) . I have lost over 40k with the company due to their nasty habits of increasing swaps or spread in a huge nasty manner. Also on their...
  4. Z

    Beaware of icmarkets.they are bunch of thieves

    They manipulate your trades.they never let your trades hit your tps.they automatically close your trades when they are running in minus.please stay away from them.i have lost my faith in trading because of these shameless thieves.if you want to loose your money and loose your faith in trading...
  5. P

    IC Markets SCAM ($43,450 LOSS)

    Hi everyone, I strongly believe that IC Markets is carrying out a combination of price manipulation/Leverage sudden changes/Swaps increases in order to liquidated your account by what ever means necessary. On the 9th of March; couple of hours before my account was turned to zero; I had...
  6. F

    IC Markets,Traders who lost money unfairly join here

    Hi , I recently lost huge amount of money because of their unfair tactics and still suffering from this issue. Unfortunately I came across this website when it was too late. I cannot disclose my case due to ongoing legal proceedings but I will share all my case and court outcome here in the...
  7. S

    ICMarkets Lost 36800 USD - Unable to hedge positions in advertised trading hours

    I am desperately looking for help with my issue with ICMarkets. Due to unability to hedge my positions on XAUUSD in advertised trading hours (they started quoting 2 minutes after declared advertised time) I lost 36800 USD with them. Even they admit that trading hours were declared not accurate...
  8. darincheong

    Will IC Markets Honor my SL on my XTIUSD Trade??

    Hi All I am new in FPA and have been using IC markets since 2017. Recently i have faced a slippage issue on XTIUSD which i will like some views on it. On the 21 April 2020, i have made a Sell on XTIUSD at 4.32, my trade when in the right direction, so i decided to profit my profits with a SL...
  9. S

    IC Markets big scam!

    I submitted a withdrawal request one day before the deadline. The next day, I contacted the online chat support to check why my withdrawal was still pending. They told me this :" I assume it was not processed due to the fact that there are a lot of requests, it will be processed on the next day...
  10. S

    icmarkets oil trade scam - Resolved

    icmarkets fault i now trade on xtiusd sell when my trade is one profit i am enable to close the trades in profit its shiw mesge the quotes suddenly after some minute my account wash plz check screenshot and refund my account with profit
  11. lee1511989


    Hi Guys, Related to Gold down spike which wipes my long position on Gold (Picture) and that also stops out many positions of my trade that 26 March 2020 (see pictures), caused my balance negative for more than 3 days. They only refund for the original capital of Gold trade, blame it on...
  12. D

    The great gold scam with IC Markets

    Hello to you all! Recently I have been useing IC Markets to trade gold futures. My cooperation with them was very smooth for past 3 months so I decided to put into motion bigger sums of money. Two days ago (24.03.2020) I have placed a buy order at a 1610 USD. My contract size was substential so...
  13. J

    Caught ICmarkets Fake spike price stop out trades

    Hi, been trading icmarkets for months, encounter many times that trades got stop out by price spike to stop loss had been set then the price will go back in short period, but this time icmarkets is too greedy until account in negative balance because price surge 1000 pips + and my stop loss had...
  14. K

    icmarkets rejected my withdrawal

    Hello, i really depressed why i cant get my withdrawal from icmarket using VISADIRECT, they always blame my bank, they said my bank rejected it. but everytime i contacted my bank, via telephone, email, callcenter, they always say "there is no problem sir, and we not detect any fund to your...
  15. Hamlet

    ICMarkets - Withdrawal to Visa Card not going through

    Hello everybody. I am reaching to this court seeking for help with withdrawing money to valid Visa Credit Card via Visa Direct Method from ICMarkets AU. The thing is that before creating my ICMarkets account, I contacted support to confirm if I was going to be able to withdraw money via the...
  16. F

    IC Markets blocking neteller withdrawal erroneously.

    Hello people, very good afternoon. I am opening a topic here to ask for help about a situation that IC Market is causing in not approving / releasing my withdrawals via neteller from one of my accounts. I am trying to withdraw from an account where I only made credits via neteller and already...
  17. F


    Today at 06/012019 IC markets have executed my but stops 23.61usd above the market my other buy stop with 18.61 usd above my other buy stop 13.61usd my other buy stop 7.61usd and lar one 1.61usd. For example Gold market opened with gap at around 1561 and I had buy stop at 1562 but they executed...
  18. LIKRE

    Fx Discounts and Rebates IC Markets : Special Discount (Lower Commission & Spread)

    We are a partner of IC Markets and offer a special discount for our members. IC Markets Direct Discount (Lower Commission & Lower Spread) Free! No additional conditions and fees Direct commission reduction Direct spread reduction You will get a commission reduction for "Raw Spread...
  19. A

    Resolved Issue - Withdrawal Issues with ICMarkets

    Hello Guys! I’ve been having issues with getting my money from IC markets! I withdrew money on 23rd September using swift transfer. They are claiming that money has left their bank account but it’s been more than a month now and my bank can’t even trace using the swift confirmation they sent...
  20. S

    Couldn´t close a position with profit with IC markets due to a 'no quotes' error

    Hi eveyone, I had a position in EUR/JPY after few hours didn´t move to much and I wanted to close it with 60€ profit, but it was saying 'no quotes' when I tried to close it mannually and the profit went down to 20-30€. I tried to contact thru the '24/7' chat but it was saying to wait 17 min...