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  1. I

    ic markets disables (blocks) bitcoin trading

    Few days ago as I was trying to buy Bitcoin on IC Markets I got a message, 'trading for this currency pair is currently disabled' I contacted support team and this is the reply they gave me: As per our Risk Management Department decision and due to extreme volatility within the Bitcoin Market...
  2. J

    what happened with IC markets?

    It looks like IC has run into some big problem now. A lot of clients have complained about not being able to withdraw funds. They called the Chinese toll free number and they have ever disconnected the contact number.
  3. C

    Resolved - IC Markets Tools Misconduct

    Hello Forex Peace Army, I would like to get your opinion on an issue that I'm experiencing with Icmarkets I'm basically a trader that trades the spike of the news, there was a popular software EA I think so you might know what I'm doing. I'm using a popular autoclicker that enters in the news...
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    A- I am money manager.I have 3 accounts using same computer and same ea inside.At the same time ea wanted to execute investments to 3 mt4. 1 of them execauted immediately and closed with profit.Other 2 mt4 after attempting to open orders did not receive any data for 3 seconds, and after 3...
  5. K

    IC Markets denied withdrawal request

    Anyone having issue on withdrawal with IC Markets? They denied my withdrawal request. When I contacted the live support, the company said that has a new procurement and only allow clients to withdrawal every first week of the month. As far as I understand, clients can withdraw anytime they...
  6. D

    IC markets

    my case is the following: on the day that usd/chf went nose down due to SNB intervention, IC markets took the right to liquidate 41 of my positions with a running profit of 14.247 at that time filling the usd/chf trade i was in at 0,6700. taking in a very conservative approach and taxing...
  7. liam9587

    IC Market Scam Alert!!!

    This morning I woke up with my account been blown off overnight out of my watch. Then I had a live chat, and here is what their response: So the excuse they give is because the French election is coming and leverage has been dropped. The time I had this conversation is 6.30am UTC +7 Friday...
  8. J


    I have deposit by Skrill(USD). For a trader like me it is normal to withdraw by the way same as Deposit, but by the time I wanted to withdraw my money they told me the only way is by Credit/bank-wire. My bank account and credit card is in AUD, so there would be exchange fee(from USD to AUD)...
  9. S

    IC Markets SCAM

    Don't open an account with IC Markets, they don't honor withdrawal requests, i have submitted a withdrawal request one week ago but they refused to send me my money, do you know guys where i can file a complain?
  10. L

    IC Markets scammed me today

    I would like to file this case. I have an account with IC Markets. I was selling De30 from 11468, sl at 11500 from Friday last week which is Dec 31st. Jan 2nd they were closed while other brokers like pepperstones was opened . So i couldn't tp the order. Last night at Frankfurt closing time...
  11. E

    Swindlers ICMARKETS.com

    Have a nice day. Opened the account in this company and I started trading. I gained $11 000. I put money for a conclusion and to me at once blocked the account and nullified a sredv in a private office. Sent any clear charges. I asked to provide proofs in of what they accuse me. They told that...
  12. RahmanSL

    Crunch time! My case with ICMarkets

    I and my team (yes, I actually have 2 of my staffs working on this too) have been working on & compiling a report to submit to “relevant authorities” concerning my case with ICMarkets. BUT, before we do that, I would like to run a couple of our key facts through FPA members for their opinion...
  13. TradexTrader

    IC Markets refuses to pay my profits

    - I started trading in March 2015 - I used a scalping EA - I lost half of my account in a few days - I managed to recover and then progressively achieved profits of about 105k by the 8th of May (more than half was made on the 8th of May - NFP day) -IC Markets closed my account on that...
  14. N

    IC Markets is a true scammer

    Initially I did leave them a bad review here ICMarkets.com | Forex Brokers Reviews | Forex Peace Army because I wanted to open a case. Tried to make ID but until now no validation link? So using facebook to post. 1. They are actually etoro asia pacific. do yourself a favour and check ASIC...
  15. P

    RESOLVED - ICMarkets.com.au (International Capital Markets) platform freeze - spreads - swaps

    On friday 5/4/2013 during news time 13 30 to 14 30 the platform freezed I had position of CADJPY and wanted to close to 95.37 but the platform was frozen for more than 10 minutes losing the something 50 pips I had for the position. It unfreezed just when the trade lost this gain. When price...
  16. S

    Fx Discounts and Rebates IC Markets Rebates; $1.50 / RTL

    I'd ultimately decided to initiate an IB agreement with IC Markets after thoroughly researching this brokerage, and their trade environment. As far as I was able to determine, they offer the best overall trade environment in the retail Forex space so far as fund security, regulatory oversight...
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    ICMarkets.com (International Capital Markets)

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