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Problem IC markets

I am having an issue with a company


my case is the following:

on the day that usd/chf went nose down due to SNB intervention, IC markets took the right to liquidate 41 of my positions with a running profit of 14.247 at that time filling the usd/chf trade i was in at 0,6700. taking in a very conservative approach and taxing usd/chf at the time of the downfall at 0,7500 i would be running a temporary 11.804 loss on that trade, leaving room for 14.247 - 11804 = 2443 equity.
i would not been stopped out of that trade and had all my positions running. i was net short euro and pound which are trading 200 pips further down at the moment.

IC markets wants be to pay outstanding balance of 250 instead. i would call this a scam.
attached is the trade report


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Making it short, UsdChf had not gone to 0.67, worst brokers had it 0.71, others 0.83. icmarkets proves once again being a scam broker with its always fake spikes.
Same situation here.

I had $10,000 on my account during SNB news. I had opened 2 NZDCHF and 1 USDCHF and plus some small positions. During SNB news ICMarkets sent horrible unbelievable quotes like a 0.06050 on USDCHF which is causing my account to stop-out. During positions were closed i have $103,7 margin used. After stop out i have left $240 on my account.

After i get "adjustment" they thrown me $1884 like a for dog and they said it is final decision. I do not have to explain when i have $1884+$240 equity and while $103,7 margin used it is very far away from margin call and stop out.

They decide to not reinstate positions. They decide do not compensate more. I lost 85% of account while RIGHT prices was on 50% ( ~$5000 ) of my account.
Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 23.01.14.jpg
Also i have another 2 accounts which is not get margin called or stop outed. I have there only 1 USDCHF and even with that weird misquote imy account was alive. After SNB news i was in shock and quickly closed that positions on both accounts. After that ICMarkets adjusted my closings, because i closed my positions ON WRONG PRICES, they adjusted 2 of my accounts and deposited some money.

But here is the shame they suddenly removed adjustment from these 2 accouns ! I have a daily statements where i can see adjustments, but on mt4 platform it is erased already and no money was refunded at all !

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 16.43.26.jpg

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 16.43.40.jpg
They have misquote. About 10-20 people get FAKED margin call. They no take any responsibility to their action.
I understand they can not reinstate trades, but those prices where they have adjusted our accounts is weird. Any another bucketshops had better feeds that we get adjusted.

I asked to refund me 50% of my account, where right prices are now but i do not get any response.
Regulators and lawyers is the way to go, I don't think they take in considerations our mail......