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Problem Outrageous!! IC MARKETS has robbed super high net worth clients, with an amount reaching $436,668

I am having an issue with a company
Because I'm from Taiwan and my English is not good, but I won't let IC Markets' evil behavior be known in Asia, I will definitely publicize this in all social circles!

You criticize my language ability, is a real personal attack!

You've simply been lobbying for this platform and taking out their customer agreement, it's obvious you're a part of it!

In addition, there has never been a first-tier brand that would charge clients for trading a product for several months, if there is such a way, then the platform can be justified to rob the client!

IC Marekts is not the only XAUUSD is worse, there are many varieties are not the best, if I chose to order in the IC I do not complain about these less take, so the same reason, IC has never paid more, so how can you use this reason in the account deductions!

It is a fact that ICM violated the law, AISC has already accepted the complaint, I don't need to explain to you now.
The ASIC process will be announced later, this process will take up to half a year.

No matter which customer can not accept a day, the platform provider to take out the old bill, claiming that which product more than the overnight fee, and then slipped out of the money, then the meaning of the MT4 setup does not exist at all, and the MT4 is not a good idea.

There are no deadlines, and there is no way to get transparent conditions for trading in the trading platform's announcements!

Unless you admit that IC Markets is a platform that publishes data that is false! Do the executives within the IC Markets platform agree that the platform can continue to publish errors? And then set parameters that have no real meaning?
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As per your post #4 which I assumed means you are using an online translator - feel free to correct me on this. No personal attack - simply a statement of fact that some of your post is being lost in translation.

Since you refuse to post the requested information we can only hope that you have put together a better argument with the regulator than what you have posted here.
It is a fact that ICM violated the law, AISC has already accepted the complaint, I don't need to explain to you now.
The ASIC process will be announced later, this process will take up to half a year.
I think you meant AFCA complaint. Do you have the AFCA case number?

There is also ASIC complaint, but it is really more of an informal complaint. No power to order the company to restitute funds, unless something has changed recently.

According to the Screenshots in post #1, the post indicate that you were trading with Raw Trading, which is their Seychelles / Cayman Islands outfit.


The other person @SU-1107 may have had account with ICM's Au entity, which would allow an AFCA complaint.

Now maybe you do have some accounts split among several entities. Those with Au entity may qualify for AFCA complaint........


...All that said, it's really 1000x more productive to deposit your funds with a proper agency brokerage whose business model does not focus on converting your deposit into a donation.
I really cannot overemphasize or overstate this simple truth.

some other questions:

1) Do you still have open positions now? Have you opened new positions since this dispute with IC Markets?

I certainly recommend against opening any new positions. And equally recommend closing all open positions. You really don't want to give them another opportunity to do this.

2) You have not uploaded full account statements for your problem accounts.

Or you may do so privately if you wish.

3) are the problem swap deductions only for particular cfd products (US2000), or all cfds during the disputed period?
I trade with them and also use Ctrader. It is by far the best platform, but there are many inconsistencies between the quoted price, the claimed price on the ICmarkets website and the price displayed on the Ctrader platform itself.

I've noticed commission being erroneously charged double, even without being on a Wednesday that charges double.

I believe that ICmarkets is putting its good reputation in check with this kind of attitude. A company like this can suffer multiple lawsuits for harming its offshore clients in this way.

It is for this reason that many people move to countries with safer regulations in the forex market, such as the US, UK and the EU in general. Offshore clients are simply practically left unattended. In these cases the broker does what he wants at will and there is not much to do. You still have a lot of money... And who doesn't? Bitter the damage and nothing can do.
My deposit in Australia exceeds most traders, otherwise ASIC would not accept my case

I am one of the top forex traders in Asia

You can know me on Followme, the largest foreign exchange social media in Asia!

I am very disappointed with IC, their compliance does not fully respect the law.

It has never happened that a top brand company will adjust the cost of "time" after the fact

Never before has a company with such a big brand done anything

this is a very amazing behavior


  • 澳洲IC出入金紀錄.pdf
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Fiz 26 milhões de dólares com 1180 usd eles devlveram o meu valor e bloquearam minha conta, não fiz nada ilícito perdi 3 anos da minha vida mas eles vão me pagar.
descobri que lavam dinheiro em chipre, transações bancárias e etc.
empresas de fachada com o dinheiro dos outros, uma verdadeira pirâmide.
My deposit in Australia exceeds most traders, otherwise ASIC would not accept my case

Well, you did send your deposits to NAB Australia and your Trading account falls under Seychelles or Cayman jurisdiction, that’s probably ASIC ‘s main issue here.

What about origin of withdrawals….also from Australian branch ?

…a true money laundering nation this aussie land :)
É por esta razão que muitas pessoas se mudam para países com regulamentações mais seguras no mercado cambial, como os EUA, o Reino Unido e a UE em geral. Os clientes offshore são simplesmente deixados praticamente sem atendimento. Nesses casos o corretor faz o que quer a vontade e não tem muito o que fazer. Você ainda tem muito dinheiro... E quem não tem? A
Se você acha que a regulamentação irá resgatá-lo, você se tornará uma vítima de roubo legalizado ainda mais rapidamente. Porque você não estuda o modelo de negócios da corretora cfd.

Fiz 26 milhões de dólares com 1180 usd eles devlveram o meu valor e bloquearam minha conta, não fiz nada ilícito perdi 3 anos da minha vida mas eles vão me pagar.

Por favor, não invada o tópico do fórum de outra pessoa. Em vez disso, abra um relatório de problema separado e anexe as evidências do seu caso nesse novo tópico.

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IC 的亞太負責人只能幫我想了其他方案,









Recently, my health has been inconsistent, plus my trading position has been very huge recently, I am quite tired.

It is not suitable to fight with IC market.

As the big foreign boss of IC did not pay out directly, the person in charge of IC Asia Pacific could only help me think of other options.

IC's Asia-Pacific manager could only help me think of other options.

Because the Asia-Pacific region is the head of Taiwan or the family.

I accepted a permanent increase in IC's commission to compensate for the loss.

Although my trading volume may take years to earn back, but also ended a farce!

I hope that the future IC market can treat the market more fairly, and I hope to learn a lesson not to commit this kind of thing again to cause a storm of controversy in the city, destroying the trust of investors in the platform, this matter will end here!

I also hope that this expect foreigners can pay attention to the market's response! Do more to reward the market!

IC except for this incident, I have accumulated more than 5 million in IC profit over the years, or withdrawals are very stable!

At present I still have about 100,000 to continue to support a small amount of observation

Thank you for your support to those who are concerned about this matter
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