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Updated: Aug 18, 2018
3.773 · 363 REVIEWS
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January-February 2015:  A large number of suspicious and fake positive reviews have been submitted for IC Markets.

Other websites of this company include ICMarkets.com.au

ICMarkets is a forex broker. IC Markets offers the MT4, MT5 and cTrader trading currency platforms. ICMarkets.com offers over 60 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, futures, stocks, gold, silver, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

ICMarkets.com (International Capital Markets)

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3.773 · 363 REVIEWS
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Saudi Arabia,
Aug 14, 2018,
Registered user


i trust icmarket
over 3 yeaars
there is the good one
Kediri, Jawa Timur, Indonesia,
Aug 12, 2018,
Registered user

Good Luck icmarkets

Icmarkets are the best brokers. Fast customer service to resolve customer complaints. Hopefully icmarkets become the leading brokers. Aamiin. Good luck for you all.
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam,
Aug 6, 2018,

Great Effort for Vietnam Customer

IC is very good when take care Vietnamese Customer by opening Vietnamese Internet Banking also. Hope IC will keep this support to make its customer happy

Thanks Mr Vu from IC for your kind support
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

Fair broker

I am having live accounts with quite a number of brokers. ICmarkets is on of them.
And they moved up for me to be a major partner now after the ESMA restrictions forced me to adapt as an EU client, although I am already trading with them for years.

Do not expect miracles, but a really fair broker here. Having a good broker alone does not make you successful yet, of course.

Their service is always kind and customer oriented, deposit and withdrawals are fast and without any trouble. The offered payment options exceed the ones you will find elsewhere by far. Especially as there are nearly no fees on the majority of them.

The trading conditions are nothing to complain about. They are not cheap, but having regular slippage would end up in more costs. Do not focus on commissions only.
Execution speed can compete with the best ones I have experienced so far. You will of course still get slipped when trading news or during thin liquidity. Nothing to blame the broker for.

On top they offer a volume based VPS service for example. All in all a true recommendation.

So until now I am quite happy - hope they keep their level of service and execution, as I am looking for a longterm collaboration. :)
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Aug 1, 2018,
Registered user

great service

I have been using IC Brokers for 3 weeks and I am completely satisfied with their support and service. My verification was approved in minutes and the Live chat has been answering all my questions 24/7. Withdrawal requests worked perfectly. Order execution was immediate. Great security for withdrawals. Thank you for being my broker.
Palestinian Territory, Occupied,
Jul 27, 2018,
Registered user

ICMarkets Broker is agood choice for trader specially after ESMA regulations about the Leverage 1:30.

There is only one enough reason to make ICMarkets the BEST broker till now :

- The reason is : ICMarkets dealing with PayPal "Deposit / Withdraw" since 2007 till now , without any problem.

What does that mean?

We All knows that PayPal is a tough Electronic Bank and if there is even one customer made compliant to PayPal about ICMarkets , "IN CASE" the compliant is true.. then PayPal will FREEZ icmarket's capital or money.

So, YOU ppl , haters , stop giving us a bad picture for ICMarkets. Who Try IT he will know IT'S REAL.

And You People , Don't believe anything told/said onLine .. IF YOU DON'T TRY by urself, IF You don't see by your eyes, IF You don't hear by your EARS , then don't TRUST.

GoodLuck ,

1 last word : I SWEAR BY GOD i am not Making defense to ICMarkets for advertising or something like that, i am just a Muslim man who are trying to say TRUTH.

Have it nice. and please ICMARKETS stay as good as you are now and as you were before. DON'T CHANGE YOUR WAY or even to think.

Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
You say people should not believe reviews which do not agree with yours.  What of one of those reviewers or a later reviewer says people should not believe your review?

Reviews work better if traders share their own experiences instead of attacking the credibility of anyone who reports a different experience with a company.
Utrecht, Netherlands,
Jul 26, 2018,

IC Markets is a true broker for it's clients.

Hi there.

My name is Jacob and I would like to submit a review about IC markets.
So it all started ~10 years ago when I got introduced at Forex. I started trading with FXCM with the Marketscope 2 platform, which was ideal in my opinion.
However since the recent scandal (~3 years ago) I was forced to leave FXCM.

Which brought me to IC Markets. Please note that I live in the Netherlands which is literally on the other side of the world where IC Markets is located.
However that didn't bother me and man, I'm glad I made the switch.

First of all, deposit and withdrawals are working like a charm. There are a lot of possibilities to fund your account (ie: credit card, paypal, bank transfer etc.)
The withdrawal process is nothing but amazing either. Typically within 3 to 5 work days I have the money on my paypal account.

The array of platforms on which you can trade are really big. I personally use Ctrader but there is MT4 and MT5 as well for the more automated traders.
I personally like the clean layout of Ctrader so that is why I trade through that platform.

There is a 24h Live Chat available which I've never seen before. Problems are really solved instead of sending you from one person to the other. 20 minutes of chatting and your problem is solved, isn't that amazing ?

Then there are the spreads and commissions. The spreads are awesome (what you may expect from a true ECN broker) they vary all the time and I've seen them a lot between the 0.0 and 0.3 pip range, heck sometimes I even see it positive at -0.1 pip. Commissions are there but they are in line with other brokes. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative ofcourse.

All in all, I'm really glad I made the switch to IC Markets. I've been trading with them for ~3 years now and I really feel good being with them.
No, I do not work at IC markets. I only trade by them. (and no I do not get paid by them)

All I want to say to my fellow forex traders.
If you are looking for a new broker, please give IC markets a chance. You'll be delighted you did. What do you got to lose ?

Kind Regards,
Jacob from the Netherlands
Chennai, India,
Jul 22, 2018,
Registered user

Leverage not working probably

I also appreciated your valuable feedback

i can understand ,we deposited the money in IC market not from others as u mention above .so when you getting money from us ,you only have to give better ,you cannot passing ball into others ,you only have to short out that issue ,its happens frequently many reviews related this ,simply you cant escape

you asked your customer care and see really are they charging money two times ,and do needful ,if you want to grow in your business ow we have plenty of choice than you

yes ,you have to consider, money is ours ,you can put any condition that ,you have to buy lot 1 ,this is illegal ,not far for traders ,rules made for traders convenient ,but traders not for rules when its problem arise to traders you have to change if you really want to grow in your business. so refund our money as soon as possible ,if you delay i will as compensation

because of your leverage not work every time,already many reviews red and you too agreed with them and paid ,you not allowed me even i asked to buy small lots ,you did not refund correct time ,then another loss occur ,so you are full responsible of our loss refund money as soon as possible to avoid legal action with compensation , how can you say no issues with you

Jul 17, 2018 - 3 Stars this is thiagarajah sathienthira from chennai we had good experience in customer support by contacting ,quick response with IC market , but there leverage is not always working correct time , if need i can prove it , we already told that and asked refund of our loss amount 597 $ they did not refund ,then again my account made a auto lost of 716.84$ , it happened because of them ,if they refunded my mention amount corect time ,my account must have saved, so our kind request is refund 707.52+597.4= 1304 $ as soon as possible to MY live account number is 1200033497 ,ICMarkets-Live12 to avoid filing case or legal action against you
not only that 2nd there fast is high when hitting stop-loss but very very slow when making profit even past the buy trade or selling rate this is very unfair to traders many peoples wrote here same reviews ,3rd they are charging money two times one when we trade is a big amount ,it is ok they need , but then swapping from our trading profits many times 4th they not allowing small lots like ,this very very unfair to all traders those who do with small capital all traders are allowing wti to buy even 0.01 IC market does not ,they have to make compatible to traders rather than make trouble , this also illegal, indirect method of taking money from traders , so our kind request refund request amount as soon as possible to avoid filing case with compensation and make us to trade happy with small lots
thanking you all

Jul 16, 2018 - 2 Stars Ic market supporting 24*7 its fine and helpful , but when when we wish to buy small lot such as 0.01,0.02 in wti and gas ,they not allowing , but many traders are allowing because of that issue my we got loss money around 597.4 $ ,when he asked refund they were in delay then 707 $ auto cut from the system ,so if they allow small lots is better, they must be flexible in trading as like other world number one traders

Reply by IC Markets submitted Jul 20, 2018 Dear Tsathya,

Thank you for your kind comments on our support service, they are appreciated.

We would very much like to address your concerns for you, and hope you find the following information useful.

When you trade with IC Markets you are trading in a True ECN environment. This means your orders are filled at prices streamed directly from our liquidity providers, and we are not in control of any price movements. Therefore, if your stop losses are hit, they were hit due to genuine market movements and not as a result of any interference from our side.

We are not sure what you mean by charging money two times, please reach out to our support team regarding this and we are sure we will be able to clarify in full for you.

All brokers will set their minimum and maximum volumes for any instruments they offer. To be inline with our LPs, and as per the specifications on our website, our minimum lot size for WTI is 1. We will certainly consider your suggestion to reduce this, and we will let you know should anything change.

We are truly sorry to hear you have losses on your account, however please be assured these have not resulted from any kind of technical failures our side.
Thessaloniki, Greece,
Jul 20, 2018,
Registered user

Great Support

I decided to open an account with icmarkets after extend research. I have two other european accounts. But after ESMA new regulations, the margins changed to 1:30 for all forex pairs for all european brokers and it is impossible for the retail trader to trade with small capital. The whole process for opening a new account with icmarkets (including verification) took me twenty minutes the most. What I can say? Alexis (from support team) helped me kindly but very professionally during the whole process and I started trading in minutes. I thank him a lot about his help. Also, I like the reasonable leverage, the very competitive spreads (the best I have seen) and the instant execution. Very promising broker with excellent support.
Prague, Czech Republic,
Jul 19, 2018,
Registered user

Best Customer Support I've had

I've been trading with IC Markets for over a year after being with a couple of other brokers, and I can say that their Customer Support is the best I've had. They're polite, efficient, and extremely nice. Their spreads are trully great. The average on the EURUSD is really 1 point, as they claim, sometimes it's even 0. The deposit and withdrawing methods are also very important to me, and with them I've had absolutely no problem at all. Very satisfied.