1. MetteAgerbo

    Warning against broker David Green from Greenfields Capital

    I have since Januar 17 th try many things to recovory my loss from Greenfields Capital It all begin in December 2017, after I have received e-mails from the Bitcoin Code. I received a phone call from a Mr Adrian Addison who was the Senior Account Manager During this period I have been...
  2. asp29

    I was scammed by Greenfields Capital.

    Back In January of this year I was taken in by Jimmy Lee of Greenfields capital, I am disabled. They got my signature so my bank say it was all 'above board'. Jimmy coerced me into putting a computer programme called 'Any desk' onto my laptop and went ahead and made all the trades for me even...
  3. H

    Greenfieldscapital ROBBING !

    Hello. I was contacted many many times by GreenFieldsCapital last year and finally they convinced me (to go to hell with my own consciousness) to make a deposit with them, on 23.10.2017. This was the first payment and the last payment was done on 13.02.2018 ! During this period I invested...
  4. S

    Greenfields Capital Trading

    This company has been contacting me every half an hour from the minute I registered to start trading. I was then contacted by Mr David Green whom I can not find any identity for him even on Linked in as a professional broker. Mr Green called me and surveyed my financial status and then he...
  5. T


    Does anybody have difficulty to withdraw there funds with them? I am struggling now for two day's to get hold of my account manager to confirm my withdrawal!! any help from someone with the same problem?