Warning against broker David Green from Greenfields Capital


I have since Januar 17 th try many things to recovory my loss from Greenfields Capital
It all begin in December 2017, after I have received e-mails from the Bitcoin Code. I received a phone call from a Mr Adrian Addison who was the Senior Account Manager
During this period I have been promise new and better investment and the last 2 was through BankWire to their bank in Hong Kong where they have bank accounts.
Because of Mr Adrian Addison had some Family problems David Green which were an Investment Manager, would be my investments broker
David Green promise me that if I did an investment on USA/Yen then would I have 150K on My balance. At the 17 th of Januar I received a lot of phone call during the day because David wanted me to buy and Sell USD/YEN and we are speaken about 76000 €, I did this investment and during this day David Green told me that I would have my money the next at My Balance.
But in the evening I saw thar the marked has stop, I didnt know at this moment all of my money was gone

Until the next Morning, then I realize that it all was gone
I have try through Greenfields Capital to refund my loss, but only if I pay more money, I have received phone calls from a Christian Cooper they "gave "me a bonus on 16000 €but these money should be reinvested 60 times before I could get my money back.
I have even try to use Mychargeback, but today I was told that they could not help because it would cost me a lot of money
My bank in Denmark will not help me even when they knew it is an investment scam
I have come to this point that I really don't know what to do any more There is so many scammers on Internet who claimed that they can help me but you just have to pay money up front.
Another thing is that I am so lucky for being operated 4 in my Spine which has done that I can't have a job. The money I loss is some I have received because of these operations.
I really don't know what to do any more. I need help to recover my loss
But I don't know who can hunt Greenfields Capital, I am not the only who have been scammed by Greenfields Capital
They have adresses in Bulgarie, Estonia proberly other places I have saved all files each transaction from my Bank account to Greenfields Capital, the bank adresses in Hong Kong the e-mails of every one I have been in touch with