1. P

    Problem t.me/metatrader4_signalss - Telegram - Fake Investment Plan

    https://t.me/metatrader4_signalss Never ever join with those scammers! They will offer you to join their VIP Forex signals on Telegram for 100 USD (On time payment for lifetime) Start offering investment plans for those traders who do not have time to trade and do not want to take risks, I...
  2. Pharaoh

    Where to Complain if You Have Fallen for a Ponzi Scheme or HYIP Scam?

    Where to Complain if You Have Fallen for a Ponzi Scheme or HYIP Scam? These two are basically the same in one aspect. They promise better returns than any legitimate investment and count on victims being so focused on the returns on their investment that they don't stop to think carefully...
  3. D

    Solwayprime.com a scam hyip company

    Fxtm fx signals- Scammer Telegram Channel 1) I was scam $2k by admin of "Fxtm fx signals" Telegram Channel, @Dr_johnfx & @Victoriajaegerfxx 2) The Channel produce free forex signal, he got from other source just to trick investor 3) After we pay invest amount, scamner Dr_johnfx ask you to...
  4. T

    Problem Zanexfinance

    Traded with Zanexfinance a couple of times and it has been very reliable in my opinion, although it’s not the best at the moment, it’s still a work in progress.
  5. J

    I know I have been scammed by Binary Trade Center

    I was introduced to Brinary Trade Center back in January. I invested $500 with a $10,000 return. Simple right? I was so so wrong. Now I am fighting just to get my investment. Each time I talk to them there is always some new fee I have to pay. They promise that after I pay each fee I will...

    Info Fxpro

    Has anyone ever heard of FXpro Global .I came across them on telegram and they offer free signals and investments plans. Are they legit?
  7. M

    Problem Binary Trading Options - Telegram, globaltradingoptions.com, and cryptecfx.com

    Hi All Hope this crazy world is treating you all well? I go by MelsBeth, but Melissa is who I really am. I would like to share my story which is still ongoing. I was invited to Binary Options Trading on Telegram, Admin is Benjamin Roger by an acquaintance from a South Australian health...
  8. U

    swizz-flow is a scam

    I was approached by Paelez Chloe on facebook through a group we are both in. She told me about swizz flow and so I signed up and put in $100 in bitcoin to test the waters. The crypto looks like it accumulates but when I went to make a withdrawal the money just sits in there pending for days and...
  9. A

    Dailypipsfx.com is a scam

    I have an investment in dailypipsfx.com . The investment started in June 13, 2021. They have requested many payments, all of them were fulfilled on time. To release the delivery of the money, they requested a last payment, to compensate for a change in the USD-BTC parity, which was excessive, I...
  10. BROKE

    SpectroCoin and Base-Connect

    Can you please help me to refund my money from the following trading companies please:
  11. maxaurellano

    Scam or not - pioneerfx.co

  12. Vando Moreira


    alguém conhece a empresa cryptosmart-profit.com Apresenta-se como empresa que negocia no mercado Forex. Recebe os pagamentos em bitcoin e na retirada alega que tende pagar impostos 15% sobre o lucro e ai o investidor tende fazer novo pagamento para retirar o lucro.
  13. F

    Problem Big Scammers squardmining.com https://squardmining.com

    this is a investment company, i buy there 100$ Plan 4 before one week, and i paid them 100$ through Perfect Money and after my time is finished, profit is showing but they put on hold and can't give me withdrawal even my investment, i tried to contact them several times from support on site but...
  14. L

    Info Brokers Chain Trade? brokerschaintrade.com

    Have you guys heard about a company called Brokers Chain Trade? brokerschaintrade.com They offer investment plans (high profits) and also forex signals from their telegram channel. I'm not sure if they are scammers but almost 100%! If someone heard about this company, please let me know your...
  15. kirhyipscript

    Services Offered HYIP Script – Its New Trends in 2021!

    Once everyone is skeptical about the HYIP platform and its investment due to security and reliability. But nowadays, the software integrated with the blockchain network is highly reliable and fraud-free. It can be said that the HYIP script is a mandatory factor for success in your high-yield...
  16. O

    FX-CryptoChain.com appears to be a HYIP: The stink of a PONZI scheme with Confidence racket over tones

    Posting the info I shared in the forex-reviews section, as per instructions. Further info (email, text messages omitting identifying detail to follow). Any further information that anyone can supply is greatly appreciated. Long story short, I believe I am being scammed by fx-cryptochain.com...
  17. A

    Discuss WaterMine.io

    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for 'WaterMine.io' >> otherwise use this thread ("+ Reply to Thread" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members.
  18. Mani manachi

    Trademarketindex.live: Suspicious of scam ( Ponzi Scheme )

    Hi, I've recently invested 500$ usd into this company wallet app.trademarketindex.live with an account manager. I've sent the funds into the wallet number she provided and now she wants me to buy a plan that's on trading website with the money I deposited into the wallet. I did all the...
  19. Q

    Scammed by FMXTrade

    To share my experience with FMXTrade - fmxtrade.com. Engagement was via Facebook, there was no contract or offical documentation signed. All transactions (deposits) were conducted via crypto (BlockChain exchange). When asked for reference 3 where provided and all where from Facebook again, here...
  20. M


    Scammed out of over $50K by trader promising 2.5% daily returns in dollar denominations. Bait and switch, locked account insisting that additional deposit to bring contribution up to $100K will free up weekly automatic distributions. Bogus looking website, with daily "trades" that "win" dollar...