ifc markets

  1. B

    IFCMarkets oil trading problems

    Hi Scam Broker with high level of scammers I will tell my story with them in last few days, I opened MT4 account with IFCMarkets with fixed spread and with 400 leverages, I made deposit 310$ I was going to trade with OIL, WTI and Brent, First thing I faced, in the demo account the spread...
  2. D

    IFC Markets

    ifc markets broker is scam broker mt deposite is cut anyy reason dont join very bad broker
  3. Shariati3030

    Ifc markts co. & my Ib commission

    HI I AM MOHAMMAD REZA SHARIATI the IB NO: 5155 with IB account no: 44303 For IFC MARKETS CO. My problem is thay my commission as informed by IB net trade software became : 3663 $ but they only paying 851 $ in my acc: 44303 . Therefore they must pay rest of my commission ( 2812 $)to my...
  4. Shariati3030

    the ifc markets co. didn"t pay my commission IB

    HI I AM MOHAMMAD REZA SHARIATI the IB 5155 with IB account no: 44303 for ifc markets co. my problem is that my commission as informed by IB net trade software of ifc markets co. is: 3663.69 $ ( note to the attachment) but they payed only 851 $ in my account : 44303 . the ifc company informed...
  5. F

    IFC market in Brexit, but they cancell my profits.

    This is my first thread, I hope to hear your comment or advise. (and I am not good English speaker) During the trading the Brexit day. I got position SELL at 10319 (Trading Server time was 21:59 of June 23th ) (German Index of DE30 or DAX30 ). So this is almost closing the trading market...
  6. S

    IFC Markets become a scam

    I start trading with them a few weeks ago, using an expert advisor created by me. I opened an account, a microaccount infect, to see how is going. After 3 weeks the account balance was $5003 so, based on their Terms of business, trading was disabled. Condition to reenable trading was to...